TAG Heuer Connected 2020 Is As Much As $2,350


Love or hate Wear OS the system has its own perks and benefits over other smartwatch platforms, but is it worth a nearly $2,400 price point? TAG Heuer thinks so, and it's charging as much as $2,350 for its 2020 edition of the Connected smartwatch.

For that price you could buy six of the DIESEL On Axial that we recently reviewed. Which in its own right is a bit much considering there are options that are better or just as good for less.

TAG Heuer though, is a luxury watch brand. So the high cost of the Tag Heuer Connected 2020 shouldn't surprise anyone. $2,350 is also the most expensive model as they start a bit lower.


The TAG Heuer Connected 2020 starts at $1,800

If $2,350 sounds like a too rich for your blood then fear not. You can grab the new watch at a little bit cheaper of a price point.

The watch actually starts at $1,800 and goes up to $2,350 based on the different options you choose. Such as going for the black rubber band instead of the black rubber strap that would normally come with it.

The model that comes with the black rubber band also comes with a black steel case instead of the stainless steel case like the other models. This is an expensive watch no matter how you look at it and no matter what options you pick.


You're paying for the brand, not the specs

The Connected 2020 isn't as much as it is because it comes with bleeding edge smartwatch specs and features.

It's as much as it is because it's a TAG Heuer watch. The specs aren't bad for a smartwatch. They're just not really all that different from what you'll find in another device.

The screen is an OLED display at 1.39-inches, and it comes with a heart rate sensor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, NFC for Google Pay and more.


It's also 5ATM water resistant and comes with GPS. You also have the option of picking up extra straps if you wanted both the rubber and steel models. Though it'll cost you quite a bit more for that too as the steel strap is $490 on its own.

Meanwhile the additional rubber straps, which come in different colors like Khaki and Orange, can be picked up for $100 each. You can already buy the new watch on TAG Heuer's website in all variations it seems like. Except for the $2,350 model as that one is already listed as out of stock.