T-Mobile: Video Game Traffic Has Increased 45% During The Coronavirus Pandemic


T-Mobile is seeing a lot more traffic on its network right now, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and everyone being forced to stay home. Today, it released a press release telling everyone how it's keeping an eye on its network and making sure it keeps running well for everyone.

T-Mobile also released some interesting stats about how network usage has ticked up since the pandemic started, and people started having to stay at home.

Video game traffic is up over 45%, mobile hotspot is up 38%

Because we are all stuck at home, whether we are working or not, we are spending more time on our smartphones. That includes sending more text messages, spending more time on calls, playing video games and more. So here are some interesting stats about how the traffic has increased on T-Mobile's network over the past couple of weeks.


Messaging is up about 26% nationwide, for SMS. MMS is seeing a 77% increase. While the amount of time people spend on calls is up 17% nationwide.

People are also using their phones to connect all of the devices in their home. With mobile hotspot usage up about 38%. And finally, video game traffic is up 45%. Which is a really good way to spend your time during this quarantine.

There's a couple more interesting facts here, that show that people are heeding the advice to stay home. In New York City, T-Mobile has seen an increase of 86% for subscribers with limited mobility. This means that they are only connecting to cell sites in their primary location. And not moving around to other cell sites. In the San Francisco Bay Area, that is a 77% increase. T-Mobile says that it is seeing similar patterns across the country.


T-Mobile is monitoring its network 24/7

This hasn't really changed because of the pandemic, but T-Mobile is monitoring its network 24/7 and has plenty of redundancies in place, in case something does happen.

T-Mobile has also doubled its 600MHz footprint in the US, due to this pandemic. It has temporarily leased 600MHz from a number of (normally competitors) companies, for the next 60 days. To increase capacity, with everyone at home right now.

Network traffic is up big time on T-Mobile due to the Coronavirus. It's at levels that T-Mobile has really never seen, and the team is doing a great job at making sure that the network stays up and running, and as fast as possible. If you do notice T-Mobile a lot slower than usual, just remember that there are a lot more people on the network than usual.