Spotify Now Has Custom, Sharable Profiles In-App

Spotify new Profile UI AH 2020

Spotify is now allowing users to add a custom image to their profile page in-app and to change their displayed name. That’s based on reports stemming from a recent announcement posted by the company with instructions for using the new feature. With the change in place, users will now have the ability to better represent themselves on the service.

The company is also making those profiles, which additionally showcase listening activity, sharable. So profiles are relegated to viewing by users. Instead, they’ll be better positioned to share their profile, and music tastes, with others.

How to edit your Spotify profile and share it

Editing a Spotify profile to add a custom name and image is as straightforward as the process is in any other app. There are two ways to accomplish that, via the desktop UI or on Android and iOS. Similarly, profiles can now be shared on any of the platforms and that’s easy to achieve too. The only prerequisite is that, on mobile, the latest version of the app will need to be installed.


On Android or iOS handsets, users need to start by opening the app to the home page. At the top-right-hand side of the UI, there’s a gear-shaped icon users need to tap. From there, Spotify includes an “Edit Profile” button just below the profile image and name.

Tapping on Edit Profile brings that section of the interface to the forefront. A quick tap of the profile image will present Android or iOS’s system-level image selection guide. That includes the option to take an entirely new photo before cropping. Tapping on the user name will bring up the keyboard. Then users need to tap “Save” at the top-right-hand side of the UI to keep the changes in place.

On the desktop platform, users need to click their username at the top-right-hand side of the UI. Hovering the mouse over the profile picture brings forward an option to “Change” the image.


Profile images need to be under 4MB in size on desktop and Android. iOS users can upload any image under 10MB. Copyrighted or otherwise protected images cannot be used for profiles.

To share profiles, mobile users need to navigate to their profile page as outlined above. Then, they must tap the three-dot menu at the top-right-hand side of the UI before tapping “Share” from that menu. On desktop platforms, users need to navigate to their profile and click the three-dot menu under their name. Then they need to hover their mouse over the “Share” option.

Do sharable custom profiles pale compared to other Spotify changes?

Spotify has also been working to incorporate a number of other small changes to its app UI in a bid to make the design more meaningful. More directly, the company is looking to make the app easier to use.


As reported, that will include a total of three changes that will, cumulatively, likely be as impactful as the new profiles UI. One big change with that is the addition of an easy-to-use ‘action row’. That will put interactive features and actions such as the like, play, or download buttons in a single row at the center of the bottom UI.

Along with that change, Spotify is merging the appearance of the Play and Shuffle buttons to look like a single unit.

Finally, Spotify is working to add new ‘track rows’. Those will display the cover art along with the names of tracks, allowing for easier visual identification of songs.