Sling TV Adds Fox News & Local Affiliates To Its "Free Experience"

Sling TV Free 01

On Wednesday, Sling TV announced that it was making a few channels and loads of on-demand content free, and now Fox News and its local affiliates are joining that list.

Sling TV has decided to make a ton of content free, due to the Coronavirus. Giving everyone ABC News Live and now Fox News free, along with tons of on demand content to keep your kids entertained while they are home from school.

Now, you will also be getting the Fox local affiliates in the free experience, so you can keep track of what’s going on around your home too. Not all of the Fox affiliates are going to be included though. About 18 markets will be added, these include: New YorkPhiladelphiaChicagoDetroitWashington D.C.AtlantaHoustonPhoenixSeattleLos Angeles and San Francisco. 


You can access this content for free, even if you are a Sling TV customer

Sling TV is making this content free to current and new customers, so whether you are a Sling TV subscriber or not, you can get this all for free. And by the sounds of it, we might be seeing more content coming to the Sling TV Free Experience in the very near future. And with Coronavirus showing no signs of slowing down, Sling TV is likely going to be free for quite some time.

Allowing people to access this content for free is a big move by Sling TV. And we’ve seen the NFL Network and NBA Network also offer up their services for free. Even though there’s no sports on right now, you can watch some classic games and content, which is nice of them.

But for Sling TV, giving users access to a couple of news channels is a big deal. Obviously, ABC News Live is actually completely free and you can stream it anywhere, but Fox News is not. On top of that, you’re getting thousands of hours of kids content available on demand. Which is going to be very helpful for parents.


Sling TV does have a ton of other content available, and its plans start at $30 per month. Though, right now you can save $10 on your first month, making it $20. So if you do want more channels and more content, you can sign up for Sling TV now for just $20 per month. Which is not a bad price at all. You can sign up for Sling TV here.

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