Shadow Now Offers High-End Cloud Gaming For Just $12 A Month


Shadow is changing up its cloud gaming offerings by releasing a new subscription model for users.

The new model features a lower barrier of entry which means it'll be more affordable to get access to high-quality gaming without the need for a console or an expensive gaming PC.

If you're not familiar with Shadow, it was around before Stadia and xCloud, and came out after the beta started for NVIDIA GeForce NOW years ago. In comparison to all of these options, it's probably most closely linked to GeForce NOW, which launched earlier this year.


Though it's definitely got a little bit more on offer, and, if you can justify the higher cost it might the best option for you. That's because there's really no limitations here. As Shadow basically runs a gaming PC in the cloud for each individual user.

Not just for games, but essentially anything. You have full access to a copy of Windows and can install any application, game, or program you want. Which is what makes Shadow such a powerful option in the world of cloud gaming.

Shadow cloud gaming experiences now start at $11.99 a month

The first new tier of Shadow's new access is the $11.99 a month plan. It's called Shadow Boost and it offers a low barrier of entry cost compared to Shadow just a week ago.


That said it does come with less features. For starters, your storage space is less (exactly half of the next plan up) and you don't get as much RAM or the same graphics card. This doesn't mean you'll be playing on a potato machine though.

The GPU is a GTX 1080, you get 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. You can also stream games at up to 4K resolution.

Compared to the Ultra plan which is $25 a month, this is kind of a steal. If you do want to pay the higher price though, you'll get the bump from 256GB to 512GB of storage, 16GB of RAM, and you go from a GTX 1080 to an RTX 2080.


Get the absolute best-quality plan on offer for $39.99

If you have to have the best, Shadow certainly offers it. The $39.99 a month plan gets you 1TB of storage space which is probably more than enough for all the games you'd want to play.

You also get bumped to 32GB of RAM, and the GPU is now the beast of a graphics card known as the Titan RTX. Both this plan and the Ultra plan also include Ray Tracing. So you're likely to be gaming with the best visuals money can buy.

Without having to actually buy the whole rig. Right now Shadow Ultra and Shadow Infinite aren't available. Instead they'll be opening up this Summer. And when they do access will be limited to a smaller number of users before a wider rollout.


That likely means it won't be available in every state right away. Which is one of the downsides we mentioned in our list of Top 10 Best Gaming Services when we talked about Shadow's then available options.

Shadow Boost however is available immediately and is essentially what the company offered prior to today's new plans. The difference is that it's now available across the US, including the 10 states where it wasn't previously accessible.