Samsung Galaxy S20 Sales Are Worse Than Expected: Report

Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup AM AH 1

According to a new report from Korea, the Samsung Galaxy S20 sales are worse than expected. The report claims that the inventory of Galaxy S20 smartphones is piling up.

It claims that the Galaxy S20 sales are worse than the Galaxy S10 sales last year (in the same period), and that the situation caused by the Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is to blame.

That may not be the only reason, but it certainly didn’t help Samsung. The Galaxy S20 phones are extremely expensive, especially the 20 Ultra, so that is not helping either.


The Galaxy S20 sales are worse than expected; S20 Ultra is the most popular variant

According to the provided information, the Galaxy S20 Ultra accounts for over 50-percent of pre-orders. This is quite surprising considering its price tag. Pretty much everyone expected the Galaxy S20+ to be the most in-demand handset.

Samsung missed the mark last year as well, as it expected the Galaxy S10 to be the most popular. That did not happen, as the Galaxy S10+ took the crown.

It is worth noting that the Galaxy S10 series did sell better than the Galaxy S9 series, overall. The Galaxy S20 won’t be able to trump the Galaxy S10, though, at least not according to initial projections.


It is too soon to tell, of course, but things are not looking good for Samsung, at least if the provided information is to be believed.

Samsung introduced three flagship handsets last month

Samsung had introduced three flagship phones this year, the same as last year. This time around, though, price tags are noticeably higher. On top of that, the Galaxy S10 series price tags have dropped drastically, so perhaps people find those as more suitable options.

This year is also quite specific because of the Coronavirus, a pandemic that has taken the world by storm. These are challenging times, not only for people all around the world, but the industry itself.


Many companies will be hit by this, and the tech industry is no exception. It remains to be seen how long will the pandemic last, as we’re all hoping that things will dial down in the near future.

Samsung is expected to announce its new Galaxy Note flagship in August. Along with it, the Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to arrive as well. Those are two extremely important phones from the company, and their release may also be affected by Coronavirus, depending on how long will the situation last.

This year’s smartphone sales, in general, will be affected by the situation, and it will be interesting to see the final results at the end of 2020.