Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Will Offer 128GB Of Base Storage


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is in development now, and it looks like it'll only offer 128GB of storage as a base.

Instead of the 256GB that the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ offered last year. Now it's worth noting that the regular Note 10 did not have a micro SD card slot, and the Galaxy Note 20 likely does, which could be why Samsung decided to drop the storage down to 128GB.

Especially considering the fact that the entire Galaxy S20 lineup offers a micro SD card slot for expanding storage.


Galaxy Note 20 will be the SM-N981

We know the model number for the Galaxy Note 20 now, which is going to be the SM-N981. That falls in line with Samsung's pattern of model numbers, since the Galaxy Note 10 was the N971.

So far, we don't know a whole lot about the Galaxy Note 20, but it does look like it should have the same upgraded camera system from the Galaxy S20 series. With the 64-megapixel sensor from the Galaxy S20 on the standard Note 20, and likely the 108-megapixel sensor on the Note 20+. Unless, Samsung decides to do a Note 20 Ultra, though so far there's been no rumors on an Ultra device.

And considering the storage is 128GB, there almost has to be a micro SD card slot, since the phone will be capable of recording in 8K. Which, obviously, is going to use up a ton of storage on your smartphone. So being able to add in a 512GB micro SD card is going to be clutch.


Expect Galaxy Note 20 around mid-August

The Galaxy Note 20 is still expected to launch around mid-August, like the Note series has done in the past few years.

There should be an Unpacked event around the tenth of August, with the device going on sale within two weeks after that date. Which would get the phone into everyone's hands ahead of the iPhone event, which is usually around mid-September. This is how Samsung has been doing its launches for the past few years with the Galaxy Note series.

Given the prices of the Galaxy S20 lineup, it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see the Galaxy Note 20 also jump in price. The Galaxy Note 20 will likely be around $1049, and the Galaxy Note 20+ around $1199. Hopefully it won't be much higher than that, since the prices of phones are already getting pretty insane. But we'll know more this summer, on the Galaxy Note 20.