Red Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Now Available For US Pre-Order


Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ are now reportedly available for pre-order in a brilliant red coloration for buyers in the US. The news follows a leak in late February, showcasing the wearable with its new paint job after the color variant launched in South Korea.

Now, these are the same Samsung Galaxy Buds+ that was first announced in early February at Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event. At the time, the company did reveal that a red variation was coming. It also indicated that variant would make their way to the US. Initially, only three colors were available. Those are cosmic black, cloud blue, and white.

In each case, the color applies not only to the earbuds themselves but also to the rechargeable carry case the buds ship with. The scheme here is slightly different though. Instead of the entire carry case shipping with the same red hue as the buds, Samsung opted to keep the interior of the case black. That creates a unique two-tone effect that isn't seen with other variations of Samsung Galaxy Buds+.


The red coloration is the only difference for these Galaxy Buds+

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ was announced back on February 11 and is the successor to the original Galaxy Buds launched alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. As such, the newest truly wireless earbuds from Samsung are meant to iterate on the previous design. That's something they've been shown to do quite well in reviews.

While these are arguably not the best wireless earbuds on the market, they are some of the most comfortable. They also pack in an impressive claimed battery life of around 22 hours in total.

Samsung says Galaxy Buds+ last about 11 hours on a single charge. And the carrying case can recharge them an additional full cycle. More impressively, for Galaxy S10, Note 10, or S20 series owners, that carry case can be charged by the user's smartphone.


For improved sound quality, Samsung built its Galaxy Buds+ on a new dual-driver design. That sets the new wearable well above the original Galaxy Buds. It also sets itself apart from the majority of the market by including a dedicated application for adapting audio to better suit users. Although the earbuds already do a good job of balancing out strong bass tones with mids and highs that are present without being overpowering.

Pricing and where to buy

As noted above, it's already possible to pre-order Samsung Galaxy Buds+ in the new red coloration. Since there aren't any real differences in the wearable itself, the pricing here will remain the same too. So users can expect to pay just a penny shy of $150 for these earbuds.

Sales are also not going to be limited in terms of the retailer. The new red-shifted Galaxy Buds+ have been spotted at several major retailers in addition to the Samsung online shop. Users can pick the gadget up at Amazon or at Best Buy as well. At those sites, the new color is now listed alongside the original device as a selectable color option.


Shipping is set to start, according to Samsung's shop, by March 20.