Samsung Assists Face Mask Manufacturers To Improve Production

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At a time when the face mask is in short supply, Samsung is assisting manufacturers to improve its production.

Samsung assists face mask manufacturers to improve production, creates mold

The face of Android is working globally in the face of the coronavirus crisis. It is helping South Korean mask manufacturers improve their output by offering them the benefit of its expertise. Samsung is sending three experts to domestic manufacturers (Evergreen, Lastek, and E&W) to evaluate and offer advice on how to speed things along.

In addition to offering its expertise and lending three experts, Samsung is sending its mold to South Korean manufacturers. A mold is a cast of a person’s face. Molds help manufacturers with facial dimensions for mask production. Samsung’s own mold creation improves production from 40,000 masks to over 100,000.


Samsung donates over 600,000 masks to alleviate global shortage

Last but not least, Samsung is also donating over 600,000 masks to China, Colombia, Canada, and Vietnam. China is receiving at least 100,000 masks, with a client in China getting 50,000 alone. China, Colombia, and Canada together are receiving 280,000 masks. Samsung Vietnam is donating 267,000 masks to its employees to keep them safe. Another 5,000 will go to schools in Vietnam’s Thai Nguyen province.

Samsung: doing its part in the coronavirus crisis

Samsung is, to many, the face of Android. The company ships around 300 million phones annually. But in a global crisis such as this, customers want to see respectable companies lending their resources to aid in a global fight. And Samsung isn’t disappointing.

As stated above, the company is lending mask production experts, creating facial molds, and donating over half a million masks to the supply shortage in a few countries. When it’s not doing these things, Samsung is closing down Experience stores in Best Buy retail outlets to protect employees and customers. With at least two of its employees having contracted coronavirus, Samsung understands that COVID-19 is something to take seriously.


The Korean giant is bringing its Galaxy Sanitizing Service to 19 countries, cleaning smartphones for free to help customers avoid exposure to unnecessary germs. At a time when global citizens are being encouraged to wash their hands, Samsung realizes that washing hands does little good when smartphones retain lots of germs.

Samsung isn’t the only company donating its resources to the fight. Gaming company Razer is doing the same. Razer recently said on Twitter that it is donating 1 million face masks to the coronavirus crisis in China, having converted some of its phone production lines to manufacture them.  Razer also intends to supply face masks to markets where it has official office space.