Plex Makes Live TV Free For The Next 3 Months


Plex has announced that it is removing the Plex Pass subscription requirement for Live TV and making it free for the next 90 days.

Normally, Plex Live TV does need the Plex Pass, which is pretty inexpensive. Normally $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year of $119.99 for a lifetime license to Plex Pass. That is a really good price for everything that you get with Plex.

How do I get Plex Live TV?

It's very easy to get Plex Live TV, but you will need an HD antenna. And you can get one from Amazon pretty cheap right now.


Then with Plex Live TV, you're going to be able to stream free Live TV to all of your devices, without the need of a Plex Pass. This is available through the end of June. However there is a catch. DVR and other premium features do still require a Plex Pass. But being able to watch live TV on your smartphone through Plex is definitely a nice feature.

Plex is available on a boatload of hardware platforms, but if you don't have something that is supported, then you can get something from one of its partners at a discount for a limited time.

Live TV only includes your OTA channels. Like PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and others. So you're not getting completely free TV, but getting all of this with just the power of a single antenna is definitely a nice feature to have.


It's also worth noting that a lot of newer TVs do have a built-in antenna. So if you don't have an antenna already, make sure to check to see if your TV has one, before buying one.

Plex is joining in on the #StayHome movement

Plex is also doing what it can to help encourage everyone to stay home. And that's what we need right now, in order to combat the Coronavirus. So props to them.

And offering up free TV, even though it is already free normally, is a good way to do just that. Now you can watch your locals on many different devices in your home – and even out of your home, but Plex is stressing that we stay home, as we've been advised.


Plex also has a ton of content available for kids right now, so if you're one of the many parents that have kids home from school right now, Plex has some content to help keep them entertained all day. And to help keep you sane.

Plex Live TV