OPPO Find X2 Series Announced With QHD+ 120Hz Displays


OPPO has just announced the Find X2 series of smartphones, which includes the Find X2 and the Find X2 Pro.

These two smartphones were supposed to be announced in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress. But after the trade show was canceled, OPPO had to make other plans.

OPPO packed the Find X2 with every spec imaginable

The Find X2 and Find X2 Pro both sport some pretty incredible specs, and are mostly similar.


Both of these sport a 6.7-inch 3168×1440 resolution AMOLED display that also supports 120Hz. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset, with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage (512GB of storage on the Find X2 Pro).

Where things differ is with the battery capacity and the cameras. The Find X2 has a 4200mAh capacity battery versus the Find X2 Pro with a 4260mAh battery.

Cameras on the Find X2 are pretty respectable. With a 48-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide and a 13-megapixel telephoto sensor. The front-facing camera is a 32-megapixel sensor. The Find X2 Pro features two 48-megapixel sensors – one is a wide-angle and the other being ultra-wide. The sensor is actually larger on the main camera, allowing for more light. It also sports a 13-megapixel periscope lens. While the front has a 32-megapixel sensor.


This is all powered by Android 10 and ColorOS 7.1, the latest version of Android and OPPO's skin – ColorOS.

Available in ceramic or leather

OPPO isn't sticking with just glass on its Find X2 series, instead it is opting for more premium materials like ceramic and leather. The Find X2 Pro is the only one that comes in leather though, while both models come in ceramic.

The black ceramic color of the OPPO Find X2 series, uses a combination of two different types of ceramics. It has a smooth ceramic on the left side and the same silky mercerized ceramics as Find X2 Pro on the right. These two textures collide, making the design more dynamic and unique.


Find X2 Series sports the most versatile camera

OPPO Find X2 Series sports a pretty versatile camera setup too. Offering up a ultra-wide, wide and telephoto lens – or periscope on the Pro. Allowing you to get every shot imaginable.

With the Find X2 Pro, you also have the ability to use 10x optical zoom, which is starting to become a standard feature in smartphones. But it's really great to have. Being able to zoom into objects, without the picture looking like a painting.

OPPO Find X2 Pro AM AH 12


It also sports a 2.8um sensor size, which is going to give you better and clearer night photos. This is because the sensor is much bigger than the competition, and can allow in more light. OPPO custom-built this sensor with Sony, so it is the only phone with this sensor. And the only phone with one even close to this size.

It is able to d0 10-bit Live HDR recording, which is a great feature to have. As you can see how the HDR is fairing while you are shooting the video, instead of having to wait til later.

Ultra-Steady Video 2.0 is here to make your videos less shaky, without having to use a gimbal. OPPO calls it "one of the best anti-shake technologies in the industry". All of these features are going to make the Find X2 series a pretty impressive phone for content creators.


QHD+ and 120Hz is a dream come true

Samsung opted not to allow users to do QHD+ resolution and 120Hz at the same time, so Galaxy S20 owners have to use FHD+ and 120Hz or QHD+ and 60Hz. Which is unfortunate, but OPPO was able to do it.

OPPO Find X2 Pro AM AH 3

There is an option to have the phone dynamically change between 60Hz and 120Hz, but you can also lock it to 120Hz all the time. And on this beautiful Quad HD+ AMOLED display, it's definitely worth doing.


For the spec nerds out there, the display also covers 100% of the P3 color gamut, making the display really pop when watching video. It supports over one billion colors and offers a more realistic look.

Finally, OPPO has included Natural Tone Display, which is a feature that uses a color temperature sensor to adjust the display to look more natural no matter the lighting that you are in.

Pricing & Availability

OPPO has not yet released pricing for the Find X2 Series. But we'd expect it to be somewhat expensive, since this is a 5G device.


Expect the OPPO Find X2 to be available in Europe and Asia. Do not expect it to come to the US, due to the ongoing trade war with China.