OnePlus Asks For User Input On OxygenOS Via New 'IDEAS' Platform

OnePlus IDEAS platform

OnePlus has just announced a new ‘IDEAS’ platform, and is asking on user input on OxygenOS. OnePlus is very proud of its community, and this is a new way for the company to allow users to participate in the development of its products.

IDEAS, in general, will not be focused on OxygenOS all the time, but it is in its initial stage, says OnePlus. This is a “global beta run” of this new platform, says the company.

OnePlus says that the ‘IDEAS’ platform will help the company improve its products

The company says that it wants help to improve its products. What better way to do that, but to get input from people who use it. The company also wanted to explain the difference between this, and its existing feedback channels.


Unlike its feedback channels, IDEAS is a platform where every OnePlus user can comment on an idea or show their support by voting for it.

This first IDEAS campaign, will run from March 5 to April 30. The company says that the review and selection process will be carried out every two weeks. There will be a total of four rounds.

Once again, do note that all ideas that you decide to submit have to be related to software. Those are the rules at the moment, so submit only ideas related to OxygenOS.


OnePlus says that in each round, the top 5 ideas will be selected and ranked according to the total number of likes. After that, OnePlus’ OS product team will review, discuss, and reply to those top 5 most liked ideas.

If an idea ends up being picked for adoption, it will then be implemented by the company’s software R&D team.

This seems to be a great way to get a highly-requested feature implemented into OxygenOS. If you really want some feature to end up in OxygenOS, and you’ve noticed that other people are asking for it as well, here’s your chance.


The company is also planning to hand out some awards

You can even with awards by submitting ideas. Adopted ideas will get a VIP Ticket to an upcoming OnePlus event. A round trip with a one-night accommodation will be provided as well.

The top 5 most liked ideas will get 1,000 Community credit, a Customized Community badge, and a pair of OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earbuds. Submitted Ideas, on the other hand, will get 20 Community credits.

If you’d like to know the whole process of submitting ideas and voting for them, click here. That link will take you to the company’s announcement of OnePlus IDEAS, where the process is explained.