NVIDIA GeForce NOW Will Get New Games Every Single Thursday

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Android

NVIDIA has just announced that it will be adding new games to the GeForce NOW service on the same day every week. Most of the time anyways.

The goal is to give players who subscribe to GeForce NOW a single day to look forward to for new and upcoming releases. While there will be times where new games launch on the service on a different day, Thursday will be the day to watch out for the majority of the time.

The good thing about that is that gamers won’t have to worry about when new games are coming. They can always think about Thursday and know that there will be a new crop of titles to look forward to.


This makes for an easy to remember, simplistic output of new game content. And it should cut down on the amount of questions asked by users who are wondering when they can play a new title or two.

New games coming to GeForce NOW will include Control

NVIDIA promised that new games would be added to the service every Thursday or almost every Thursday, and that begins with today’s list.

In that list is Control, which features RTXOn. As well as Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead, Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Dungeons 3, Headsnatchers, IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad, Jagged Alliance 2 – Wildfire, and The Guild 3.


With NVIDIA GeForce NOW you obviously have to own the games you want to play. That is unless any of them are free-to-play titles. So that’s worth keeping in mind when new games are added to the service.

New games will be listed under “Game Ready” category

To help gamers find the new titles as easily as possible, every one that gets added on a Thursday will be listed under the Game Ready category.

NVIDIA says that these games were optimized for GeForce NOW with the Game Ready driver improvements that are generally put out for its GPUs.


If you have an NVIDIA GPU and update it regularly when new Game Ready drivers are released, then you’ll be familiar with what they aim to do for newly released and more recent games.

If you keep a close eye on the official GeForce NOW social channels and blog, chances are any new games being added to the service will be highlighted there. If you happen to miss those posts, you can always count on the new Game Ready category to show you the way.