NitroVPN Review


For those who are looking for a better online experience, then they will want to consider a VPN. However, not all VPNs are the same. Here is an in-depth review of NitroVPN.

What is a VPN?

VPN is the short form of Virtual Private Network. It allows a user to rely on a secure connection when they want to access the web. This is applicable when the web is being accessed in a public setting, as well as privately.

History of NitroVPN

This is a company that has been in the business of preserving online privacy since 2020. They are based in the Estonia.


NitroVPN Mission

The company has built its entire business platform on the premise that internet users should have total control over all of their information that may become present online. To accomplish this, they created technology that allows them to offer the opportunity to web users to preserve their human rights as it applies to freedom of information.

NitroVPN Speed

This VPN provider has a proven track record when it comes to speed. Stats show that this applies to all their servers, of which they currently have 400+. This may appear minimal compared to other VPN providers, but NitroVPN has strategically placed theirs to maximize their capabilities. To date, they have 80+ locations for these. Overall this company is rated as above-average for speed. Many who are interested in this service, such as those in the United States, are concerned about speed when it comes to uses such as accessing Netflix, but the testing results for this have indicated speed that is way beyond what would be expected.

Even in countries where speed is known to create a problem, NitroVPN technology has risen above many of the others. Countries such as Singapore and Tokyo can enjoy good speed.



Overall, the NitroVPN speed performance leaves no room for disappointment. Major issues that are often of concern, aside from speed, is lag or frequent disconnections. This is not a complaint that is made against this provider. When it comes to Bitcoin support, this system performs as well as it does with exceptional speed when it comes to email support. Testing speeds can vary depending on location, but the speeds being recorded confirm its above average. Even so, NitroVPN may not be the fastest, but for those who want a seamless experience when performing the traditional online tasks, they won't require anything more.


Performance and speed are heavily reliant on the servers. Although this company has fewer in number compared to others, they have done their homework when it comes to where they are located. This lends to their ability to perform well, including speed. Another important factor about NitroVPN is that they are not content with the success they have received, to the point where they are not progressing. They are adding new locations to their roster weekly.

For those who are unsure as to whether this provider is going to be the best for them, they can do a simple test to see the expected results. Users can test each of the servers to determine which is going to best suit their needs. All it takes is doing a ping test to determine this. The alternative is letting the company decide which server will best suit new clients.


Additional Benefits

Ease of use is also a priority, especially for those who are not too familiar with VPN capabilities. Some clients have different requirements than others. For instance, many are interested in streaming and torrenting. To enable access to the servers that best support this, the company has those listed under a separate section.


As one can imagine, there is a large network, and sifting through these for server capabilities would normally be a hassle. Not in this case, as users can create favorite lists. This way, instead of having to filter through the servers each time, the user can just choose from their list.


Another benefit that comes with NitroVPN is that there are no limits on bandwidth or the number of server switches that can be done. In some cases, limits may be set if there is excessive P2P traffic. In which case, there could be reduced connection speeds. This is a necessity because it poses a risk of server overload as a result of the volume of torrenting.



This is very important to a large number of internet users. NitroVPN has made this not only convenient but an exceptional experience. They have done this by allowing users to go to a designated area for servers that have been optimized for their streaming capabilities. These particular servers offer top quality streaming services for platforms such as:

  • Netflix US
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • Hotstar
  • HBO Now
  • Popcornflix
  • Sony Crackle

What clients can expect when it comes to streaming is the full enjoyment of the programs they are choosing to watch with no interruptions, lags, or buffering problems.

Torrenting Capabilities

Another added benefit of using NitroVPN is that they do allow torrenting but with some restrictions.


Torrenting is limited to the following five servers:

  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Canada: Ontario
  • Romania
  • United States: California 1

In addition to this, only legal downloads are allowed.


Just as important as speed and performance are, so is online safety and security. This is the main reason for opting for a VPN service.


With the type of technology that NitroVPN has incorporated, their clients have no concerns as to the level of protection that is being provided. They have implemented several different protocols that apply to wherever the client may be going through their internet activities. These include standard high-quality protocols such as:

  • OpenVPN
  • IKEv2
  • L2TP/IPSec
  • PPTP
  • WireGuard

The choices for clients when it comes to protocols is going to be partially dependent on which platform and device they are using.

What is significant with NitroVPN is when they refer to military-grade security. This is in reference to the AES-256 cipher. This is a protocol that is used worldwide by top enterprises such as banks as well as for the militaries. It is deemed to be the highest level of security possible and is considered to be unbeatable by any of the standard computers that are in use today.


Desktops and Laptops

Downloads of the VPN services are available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Clients can rely on features such as killswitch, whitelisting of trusted networks, and not one but five VPN Protocols capable of delivering super speed.


NitroVPN delivers exceptional service for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Many people who rely on these devices for their internet activity want to be able to use them to their best advantages for these purposes. With all that, this provider offers watching movies, which normally would be impossible to stream, when in other countries it is not an issue.

With all these devices being used to access the internet, having a reliable killswitch is paramount. Clients can rely on an instant disconnect, so there is no risk being created for personal data.

Another big feature is the flexibility in being able to develop a trusted list. What this means is that selected networks can be made privy to the user's IP. When a client accesses those networks on the trusted list that they have created, the app will automatically go offline. This is a real convenience for users.

Browser Access

Another convenience that NitroVPN provides is the wide range of browsers where the VPN can be used as an add-on. These include:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Opera
  • Edge

By having this VPN as an extension, the benefits begin with it being secure. Those who want easy access to their streaming for movies and television can do so hassle-free.

Most importantly is the security that NitroVPN provides with its VPN. The protection is provided with AES-256 Encryption and WebRTC Leak Protection. What this means is that the user's internet traffic is safe from the many cyber threats that exist.

WebRTC Leak

This is something that many VPN users may not be aware of. When this type of leak takes place, it means the user's IP addresses may be shown. This can take place even when a user is relying on a VPN. The risk of this happening comes with several potential consequences. It can mean third parties could get access to important information such as passwords or personal information that the user has provided to other sources like credit card information or banking logins. In some cases, even the location of the user can be seen. With the WebRTC Leak Protection provided by NitroVPN, this is not something that clients have to be concerned about.

Users are relying on the technology that comes with this protection that applies to browser extensions. Full protection of the IP address, as well as personal data, is completely assured.

A recap of using the browser extensions provided by NitroVPN consists of:

  • State of the art encryption
  • Invisible browsing
  • Additional security measures
  • No compromise in speed or performance when using the add-on rather than the app.

NitroVPN Extras

Just by what NitroVPN offers by way of a good quality VPN service warrants strong consideration for making use of their services. Then added to this are the available extras.

Personal Server

While the speed that is available on the shared servers offered through this company is fast, it can even be further enhanced with a personal server. What this means is that only the client who opts for this will have access to that particular server. Aside from the additional speed, it also takes the user to a whole new level of security. It is the surest way to be able to get beyond the censorship that is present on the web.

  • Enhanced Speed

Speed is partially determined by the number of users on a particular server. NitroVPN has been able to enhance the shared server experience with its advanced technology. However, some want the best speed possible, and that is what they can expect with a personal server. There is no sharing of the resources that a server is capable of delivering. It is reserved for the sole user of that server.

  • Next Level Protection

Compared to other VPN services, NitroVPN has provided the option for additional protection that comes with a personal server. Although the protection that comes with the VPN services has a high level of protection, the personal servers provided to clients are based on military-grade protection This, along with a personal static IP address means that there is nothing more to be desired by those who want the best level of protection. There are many potential threats to users of the internet that include:

  • Hacking
  • Theft of data
  • Cyberattacks
  • Spying

With a personal server such as those being offered by NitroVPN, these are no longer threats that clients have to be concerned with at all.

  • Additional Benefits

Those who enjoy gaming want a seamless experience. While many find that the standard NitroVPN services provide this, they want to take it to the next level. This is what a personal server can do. For those who are serious gamers, they want the extras that a NitroVPN personal server can offer. They are capable of reducing the times for pings and eliminating lags. This is ideal for precision gamers.

With this option comes the enjoyment of having a clean personal IP. There is no shady history attached to it.

All of the user's devices can be connected through the client's Wi-Fi router.

No matter where a client may be, they will be able to access their favorite streaming services easily.

Personal IP Address

There are a lot of advantages to having a personal IP address for those who surf the web or travel and want to use the internet safely. This gives the user total control and having a clean person IP in the country of their choice. This is an additional service that NitroVPN offers as an option.

There are a lot of advantages to having a personal IP. When using shared servers, many of its users may share the same IP address. If they are doing unacceptable actions under their IP, this can reflect on the other users of the same IP address. The shared servers share the same IP address. When one opts for a personal IP, this is limited to that user only.

NitroVPN is offering this option because it allows those who do a lot of financial transactions online more security. For example, those who do banking transactions or are frequent online shoppers. This company provides the option for clients to be able to dedicate a personal IP to online financial accounts or email. For those who are accessing these platforms when away from home, such as when in another country, this offers another level of protection. If someone were to attempt to log into these protected platforms from another IP address, they would be blocked.

Another reason NitroVPN is offering these additional options is that it allows for extended access to platforms that may be blocked. This is common with social network platforms.

Number of Devices

NitroVPN offers two different plans. One is based on the usage for five devices, and the other allows for an increase of up to ten. Most find that the five slot option is more than what they need; however, things do change, and they may need coverage of additional devices. This company makes it easy for its clients to step up their plan.

NitroVPN for Business

A great feature of NitroVPN is the option for a VPN for team management. Most companies have sensitive information that is constantly being shared over the web with team members.

The Benefits

Companies often have team members who are on the road working or even in other countries. In these situations, they are relying on public Wi-Fi. Hackers and those who are in the practice of spying will use this platform for their unscrupulous purposes. This can leave employees vulnerable concerning information both on a personal and business level. NitroVPN is a company that offers protection against this for any size business.

Personal Devices

It is not uncommon for employees to use their devices for work. Employers can provide the extra protection that is needed by opting into a VPN Network Plan.

Remote Locations

The internet provides the perfect resource for using remote services and employees in remote locations. To do this, they need to share sensitive company data. This can be risky, but it is a risk that is eliminated by using a VPN for teams.

Cost Efficiency

NitroVPN has made using their VPN cost-effective. It doesn't matter how many employees or devices require coverage. Businesses can opt into multiple accounts to cover the number of employees that need this extra protection.

Information Collection

When one is becoming a client of NitroVPN there is a certain amount of data that is collected which is:

  • The first and last name of the client
  • Email address
  • User name
  • Password
  • Team members if applicable

Any other information a new client wants to submit.

Then there is some information that is collected through automation, which is:

  • The browser type being used
  • IP address
  • Operating system
  • Name of the device
  • Device code
  • The manufacturer of the device
  • Language
  • Country
  • Time zone
  • Type of connection
  • The Wi-Fi network
  • Dates of sessions
  • Count of web traffic per session
  • How many devices are connected
  • Data that is collected through cookies
  • App usage information which includes the date of activation, which version is being used, any updates

All of this is required and necessary information; however, what NitroVPN will not collect or follow is the sites being visited by their clients. They also commit to not selling any collected information. This includes the release of information unless the laws mandate that they must do so. Clients have the option of being able to access their personal information and can request corrections if necessary. They can also ask to have their personal data removed.

Customer Service and Support

As one can imagine, with a service as important as what NitroVPN has to offer, there has to be access to support. The company provides this in a variety of different ways to their clients. Some of the options offered are:

  • Via the contact form
  • Via private email
  • 24/7 support access via chat
  • A very extensive FAQ section

Ease of Use

NitroVPN has made their product user friendly even though, in many instances, the use of a VPN at first can be confusing.

The first step is to open the NitroVPN software on their device.

Next, the user logs into their account with their user name and password. If they have not set up an account as yet, then they can register at this time.

Then it is a matter of choosing the appropriate VPN server that the clients feel is best for them.

From this point, multiple manuals are easy to access that give clear instructions for each platform that the user wants to access or learn more about.

The manual section has full instructions that provide details for:

  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Windows Phone
  • Linux
  • Routers
  • Streaming
  • Configuration
  • Other

Each of these categories includes subcategories for the individual platforms that apply to the main category.

These detailed manuals provide step by step instructions as well as troubleshooting.

If these are not enough, there is an excellent support system that is ready, willing, and able to assist with any issues that not only new users but any other client can access.


With individuals who use the web, a great deal are concerned about their protection and privacy; price is not usually the deciding factor as to whose service they choose for this. However, most find that the prices that NitroVPN offers are more than reasonable.

The current pricing for the standard NitroVPN Service is:

Based on the Five Device Plan

  • $11 for those who wish to pay month by month
  • A payment of $60 for the year works out to a cost of $5 per month
  • There is also a three-year option that requires a payment of $108. This works out to a cost of $3 per month

These plans include:

  • A maximum of five devices or ten
  • Traffic that is unlimited
  • Top connection speeds
  • High-quality protocols
  • AES 256 bit encryption which is military-grade
  • Superior support via around the clock email services and immediate contact through live chat
  • Torrent servers for P2P
  • Multiple options for services
  • No Logs Policy

Another benefit that needs mentioning in this review is the options that NitroVPN offers for paying for the plans, which are:

  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin
  • Credit cards


Overall taking everything into account that NitroVPN both offers and delivers on, it places them near the top of the list when it comes to VPN services. It comes down to the level of quality they offer plus the additional options.

The Pros

  • A great resource for unblocking access to Netflix for clients who like to travel
  • The overall speed performance is impressive
  • Security is top-level
  • The ability to use on five devices or additional ones if required
  • Privacy
  • There are multiple options for payment for the plans which also include Bitcoin
  • Good selection of protocols for connections
  • Absence of DNS leakage
  • Outstanding customer support as well as technical support
  • Comprehensive FAQ section
  • Killswitch that is automatic
  • The allowance of torrenting
  • Flexibility with affordable pricing plans
  • NitroVPN offers a seven day trial period and also a money-back guarantee if new clients are not happy with the services.
  • Additional options

The Cons

As with any service or product, nothing is one hundred percent perfect. For many, they believe that NitroVPN is close to it. Others find that there are a few minor weakness, such as:

  • Some believe that the company is collecting too much information, of which some may not be necessary. For example, the collection of the user IPs and timestamps. They believe this may make the user vulnerable to attack. However, NitroVPN immediately deletes this information when each session is ended.

For those who are shopping around for a VPN that is going to address all of their needs, then most find that they need to look no further than NitroVPN; keeping in mind that although they may not have the huge selection of servers compared to others, they have overcome this, by making sure that the servers they do have are placed in strategic locations. This more than compensates for the limited number of available servers.

With what NitroVPN offers, it has put them in the top group of the most outstanding VPN providers. They are known for their reasonable pricing that does not compromise the quality of what they have to offer.

NitroVPN is a service that beginners will be able to adapt to quickly, and there are additional options for those who are more experienced.

Based on this review, if using a ten-star system, it would be given a nine out of 10.