NetEase & MARVEL Team Up For Upcoming Trading Card Game


The trading card game genre is a popular one on mobile devices and MARVEL is about to throw its hat in the ring.

It's teaming up with NetEase to release a MARVEL-based TCG and it'll be coming to Android and iOS devices in the very near future it seems.

There doesn't seem to be an exact release date for the title, which is called MARVEL Duel, though players will be able to get a taste of what it's like soon.


The MARVEL trading card game will have a closed beta this week

Eager to try out the game for yourself before the launch? You might be in luck, because there will be a closed beta happening this week.

Specifically on March 19 which is Thursday. The beta will end on March 26, which means it'll be open for just a week before it's pulled offline.

If you want to be included, you will need to pre-register for the game at the official website. It isn't clear if the closed beta will be open to anyone who pre-registers or if specific players will be selected.


Either way, you can't be a part of the beta if you din't sign up. So if you're at all interested in a TCG based on the MARVEL universe then you should sign up as soon as you can before Thursday.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the beta is limited to the Philippines and Thailand. So if you don't live in either of those regions you won't get a spot.

Attack with iconic cards like Thor with Mjolnir or the Hulkbuster armor

The MARVEL universe is massive. So the game will definitely have a lot of material to pull from in terms of cards to include.


Players will be able to outfit their decks with iconic MARVEL characters, such as the Thor and his hammer Mjolnir or Iron Man wearing the Hulkbuster armor suit.

There's no detail given on exactly what traits or skills these cards will provide but they have been featured on the game's official Twitter.

Once MARVEL Duel launches on Android, the game will be free. Players will be no doubt be able to purchase micro transactions though for various things like card packs and boosts. Of course players should be able to acquire cards through gameplay as well.