NeedUNow Makes Sure Your Messages Are Being Heard In An Emergency

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As anyone who has ever left their child with a muddle-headed relative will attest, it can be stressful when your less-than-tech-savvy babysitter fails to answer the phone.

But let’s be fair: anybody can miss a call these days. We’re all constantly switching our phones to silent on trains, during meetings, and so on. It’s easy to forget to switch alerts back on.

So how to get in touch in an emergency? How to punch through the wall of silent mode, which doesn’t discriminate between auto dialer spam and desperate calls from your loved ones in moments of crisis?


Simple: install NeedUNow. This ingenious new app from In-telligent gives you a way to differentiate between important calls and the ones you can afford to ignore. It’s kind of incredible that we’ve had to wait this long for such a thing to exist.

Here’s how it works. After installing NeedUNow, you can put certain contacts on an emergency contact list. This ensures their calls and messages are audible even if your phone is on silent or set to “do not disturb”. It works when your phone is sleeping, the app is minimized, and even when it’s been force closed.

Plus, it’s cross platform, so an Android user can get through to an iOS user, and vice versa.


There are so many situations in which NeedUNow could be your salvation. You might want updates on a poorly relative, a clear line of communication with your childminder, or to make sure you’re in the loop when tickets become available for that festival that always sells out in 30 seconds.

NeedUNow is an invaluable tool for businesses, teachers, coaches, caregivers, families, and more. Basically, anyone for whom certain messages are more important than others. Which is everyone.

You can download NeedUNow right now on Android and iOS. It’s free for up to two contacts, while ten contacts will cost you a measly 99c a month, and unlimited contacts will set you back $4.99.


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