Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Tribes Finally Launches On Android


Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Tribes finally launches on Android this week and is in fact already available to install on your device.

The game went live on Google Play yesterday, on Sunday, March 15. This is after one week of access for players on the web who have been able to play the game through their Crunchyroll account.

If you have yet to test the game through the browser version, you can now dive into it on your Android phone instead. Which is infinitely more portable so you'll be able to play it anywhere.


The Android version of Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Tribes plays just like the web version

As fun as this game may look, the Android version doesn't currently have a very good rating. Part of that could be due to this just being a port of the browser version directly onto Android. Instead of it being designed specifically for the Android platform.

Some of the comments on the Google Play listing seem to complain about this particular detail. If it doesn't bother you, then the game plays essentially the same. The only way you can really tell is because of the graphics and how the animations work.

The visuals are good, but it's noticeable that it's a browser game. The bigger complaint though seems to be that some users are having disconnect issues with it.


The game has a fairly descriptive tutorial

Just like on the browser version of the game, Naruto X Boruto: Ninja Tribes on Android has a tutorial that more or less holds your hand and walks you through what to do.

Learning how to play the game is an easy task because of this. It's also a recommendation not to tap the skip button whenever it comes up as you may end up missing something important. That is unless you've already played this game on the web and know how to play.

In which case paying attention to the tips and walkthroughs won't be as important. Or needed at all at that point.


Since this is a free game, it's also rather easy to jump into. Because there's no monetary investment needed to get started. Gameplay is more strategy-based than anything else it seems. And if you're looking for something that has more action, there are options.

Naruto Slugfest for example is an upcoming game in the franchise that is officially licensed and will be an open world MMO type game based in the Naruto universe. This is also launching on Android in the near future. However there is no exact launch date that's been confirmed yet.