Motorola Announces Moto e6s With Big Display & Small Price Tag


Motorola has announced its latest smartphone, the Moto e6s, and it comes with a small price tag. That's because this is the newest device in Motorola's 'e' lineup, which has always had a low cost.

The phone will also come with a very big display. Something that wasn't very common for smartphones that had a low cost just a few years ago.

Big screens and more capable components however, are becoming more and more mainstream for less expensive devices. Making it even easier for those consumers who want better phones but can't afford the higher cost or simply can't justify spending it, a way to get something that doesn't break the bank.


The Moto e6s will have the small price tag of £99

Considering picking one of these up for yourself when they launch a little bit later this year? Well you'll be able to do so for just £99. A stark difference to Motorola's insanely expensive RAZR re-imagining.

That is of course the cost in the UK. The price will be similar though in other countries where the phone will be sold, which includes select countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

In other countries in Europe for example, the Moto e6s will probably cost €99. At the moment there is seemingly no plan to launch the phone in the US. As it was not mentioned by Motorola and a US price tag was not mentioned either.


This could suggest that the US will not get this device. Or it could just be that Motorola has no information to share on a US release of the Moto e6s right now.

The phone will come with a big MaxVision HD+ display

For the small price tag of £99, Moto e6s owners will get a big MaxVision display with HD+ resolution. Which will make this phone a pretty darn good value for anyone who wants to spend less money on a new phone.

The exact size of the display will be 6.1-inches, complete with a nearly edge-to-edge screen and only a small cutout for the teardrop-style camera on the front.


Speaking of the front camera Motorola is using a 5-megapixel sensor here. Which isn't anything to write home about but it will no doubt suffice. The back cameras however will be a little nicer as the phone will come with a dual-camera setup that has a 13-megapixel main sensor and a 2-megapixel secondary sensor for depth.

The phone will also come running Android Pie and include 2GB of RAM as well as 32GB of built-in storage. 32GB is a very small amount these days for many people. Luckily the phone also supports expandable storage via microSD cards up to 256GB. So if 32GB isn't enough for you you can add more.

The Moto e6s will come in two colors – Peacock Blue and Sunrise Red, and is expected to launch in the above-mentioned regions in the weeks ahead.