MotoGP 20 & Monster Jam Steel Titans Launch On Stadia Soon


Google is getting ready to launch two more games onto Stadia in the near future, including Monster Jam Steel Titans. The other game will be MotoGP 20, a game that was previously confirmed as coming to the platform.

MotoGP 20 was already confirmed to be launching on April 23 and in its launch trailer from the game's developer Stadia was listed among the available platforms.

So consumers have already had an idea of when the game will be available. Monster Jam Steel Titans is a completely new announcement though. Making it the slightly more exciting part of Google's blog post today.


Monster Jam will presumably launch on Stadia in April too

Since Google says that Monster Jam Steel Titans is coming soon to Stadia, there is a very good chance the game will drop in April. Perhaps around the same time as MotoGP 20 and perhaps earlier.

There is a small chance it could come after MotoGP 20. But since the launch for that game is April 23 it seems less likely.

Monster Jam Steel Titans is already available on other platforms like the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, as it launched at the end of last June. Which means Google doesn't have to wait for it to release in general before it comes to Stadia.


Google doesn't list a whole lot of details about the game's features. So it would seem it doesn't take advantage of any of Stadia's exclusive content. Like Stream Connect for example. As Google would probably highlight that.

Gamers can probably expect all of the features that are available to be the same as what's available on other platforms where you can already buy the game.

Google will announce the official date when it's ready

Since more games have been coming out on Stadia this year, the team that handles communication has been pretty good about letting consumers know when new games will show up.


Even though there isn't a specific launch date for Monster Jam Steel Titans right now, there will no doubt be a community post about it when the release is set in stone. Or at least when Google is simply ready to share it.

In some cases Google has announced a launch date for a game within a week or two of its arrival. So you can probably expect the same thing to happen here.

In the meantime you still have DOOM Eternal, The Crew 2, and most recently Lost Words: Beyond The Page to finish off. All which launched this month.