Meizu's New Flagship Will Launch In April With 5G & Snapdragon 865


Meizu's new flagship will launch in April, and it will support 5G connectivity. This is official news, by the way, as we also know that the phone's name will be the Meizu 17 5G.

The company is celebrating its 17th birthday, and has shared this news in a public letter to its fans, Flyme developers, chain suppliers, media, and partners. It thanked its industry partners, as well as people who have purchased its smartphones in the past, and worked on developing them.

Meizu's new flagship with 5G connectivity coming at some point this April

Meizu's upcoming flagship will become the company's very first phone to support 5G connectivity, and it will launch sometime in April, but we still do not know when.


The Snapdragon 865 will fuel the device, that much we do know. That chip will be partnered with the Snapdragon X55 modem for 5G connectivity. Some Meizu 17 leaks did surface, but not many of them.

The device is expected to sport an OLED panel with 90Hz refresh rate. We're presuming that it will sport a fullHD+ display, though we cannot say for sure. Meizu may opt for a QHD+ panel, we'll see.

The device is also expected to sport an in-display fingerprint scanner, and a large battery. Android 10 is expected, and the company's FlymeOS skin will be installed on top of it.


We don't really know what to expect out of the design of this phone, but do note that Meizu is not big on following trends. The company has been reluctant to include a display notch or hole in its phones, especially flagships.

The Meizu 16T & 16s Pro are the company's current flagships

The Meizu 16T, which arrived in October last year, is the company's current flagship, along with the Meizu 16s Pro. That device has extremely thin bezels, and yet it doesn't include a display notch or a hole. That only proves that there are alternatives to messing up screen real estate.

The Meizu 17 5G may follow in its footsteps. Meizu may utilize a similar design to the Meizu 16T, and that wouldn't be a bad thing. The phone will probably be made out of metal and glass, expect it to be slippery.


The Meizu 16T included fast charging, but it topped out at 18W. The Meizu 16s Pro, which arrived in August last year, did support 24W charging, though. So, we're expecting at least 24W charging in the Meizu 17, but Meizu will hopefully be able to offer even faster charging this time around.

The company did not offer wireless charging thus far, but that may change with the Meizu 17. People are getting more and more used to wireless charging, and that may push Meizu to change its ways.

All in all, the Meizu 17 5G is still a mystery. We'll probably see some leaks of the device in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that.