Marshall Launches Smaller Voice Speaker Powered By Alexa


Marshall is launching a new speaker in its lineup of voice-powered smart speakers called the UxBridge.

It's the smallest voice speaker in the series so it's perfect for anyone who wants something a little more compact. As the company's other options aren't exactly out of the way devices that blend in with your home decor.

It also comes powered by Alexa so you can not only command it to do things like adjust the volume or skip tracks, but also do your bidding when it comes to controlling various smart home products. Such as lights and thermostats.


The UxBridge will carry the same iconic style of Marshall's brand, and it comes in two different colors. Black and White. As smart speakers go when it comes to cost, the UxBridge is neither on the cheap end or on the expensive end. At least not when you compare it to some of the least expensive and most costly options.

The Marshall UxBridge voice speaker retails for $199

When the speaker is available, which will be from April 8 onward, the cost of it will be $199. You'll be able to pick it up from both Marshall's own website and likely at Amazon as well.

Marshall will be making and releasing a Google Assistant model of the UxBridge too. Though it won't be available until June 11 of this year, so you'll have to wait a few more months for that version if you prefer it.


Marshall also makes a set of Google Assistant-powered over-ear Bluetooth headphones that it released back in February. Called the Monitor II ANC. Those have excellent sound quality, so if the audio on the UxBridge is anything like them you'll be pleased.

Connect it to other Alexa speakers for a multi-room sound system

Having people over and want to make sure every room has simultaneous music playing? With the Marshall UxBridge you can have that.

It's capable of working in conjunction with other Alexa-powered speakers (including the Amazon Echo) to deliver a multi-room sound system. This way you can ensure that the music is synced across rooms, no matter the occasion.


Maybe you're home alone and just moving about the house in different rooms doing chores. But you still want to hear the music you have playing in each room. It'll work for that purpose too so long as you have other speakers for it to link up to.

Controlling the speaker can be done by voice but it doesn't have to be. The brass buttons on top let you adjust the volume, bass, treble, and play/pause. And there's even a physical Alexa voice button if you need it.

In addition to connecting through Bluetooth, you can also play tracks over Wi-Fi, Spotify Connect, and Airplay 2.