Magic: ManaStrike March Update Adds Two New Plainswalkers


There's a new update out for Magic: ManaStrike for the month of March. It brings in new playable content for users as well as numerous enhancements to the game.

Part of that playable content comes in the form of two new plainswalkers. These will be playable characters that can be added into your rosters, but you will need to unlock them first. And that means play time.

Once you unlock the characters you can fold them into your normal teams as you see fit. The two plainswalkers being added are Vivien, a green-aligned ranger who uses a bow for long range attacks, and Teferi, a White and Blue mage that uses time magic.


Magic ManaStrike March update introduces a new celebration sale

Since this is a free game it has to make money somehow and that method is through in-game micro transactions.

If this is a game you enjoy playing and you do spend money on it from time to time, now might be one of the times you want to consider doing so. To celebrate the release of the plainswalker Teferi, Netmarble has added in a celebration sale that brings the cost down on a number of different in-game items.

These may or may not be things that you would generally buy. But if they do happen to be items that you have considered buying in the past it might be worth taking a look to see what's on offer at lower prices.


Don't sleep on the new Magic Pass skin

If you have the character Mardu's High Chief Angrath then this update gives you a little bit of love.

There's a new Magic Pass skin to pick up that might just be to your liking. Beyond the new Magic Pass skin for Mardu's High Chief Angrath there's a new Magic Pass- Vivien Season available as well.

The more you play the more you can unlock through this new Magic Pass season and get items for your team builds.


If you've never heard of Magic: ManaStrike but you are a Magic The Gathering fan you may want to check this game out. It's worth a look even if you've never played Magic The Gathering before but like strategy games.

This is a strategy game that incorporates lore and elements of gameplay from the Magic universe but in a totally different way than the original card game. Plus it's free so you don't have to actually buy anything.