M-Series Lens Mount Lets You Use Moment Lenses On Any Android Phone

Moment M Series Lens Mount title img 1

Moment has now released a clip-on mount dubbed the M-Series Lens Mount that brings its namesake mobile lenses to nearly every Android device and more. The mount is designed to easily clip over almost any Android smartphone or tablet camera as well as front-facing cameras and webcams on laptops. From there, users are able to snap-in Moment M-Series lenses to greatly enhance the camera capabilities of the device in question.

That separates Moment’s latest offering from its previous gadgets. Specifically, that’s the Google Pixel series, the OnePlus 6, 6T, and 7 Pro, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S9, S10, S20, Note 8, Note 9, and Note 10. Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 series and Apple devices were also supported, with each gadget working alongside a dedicated phone case.

M-Series Mount brings the Moment Lenses to all the phones

The cases, like the new clip, are compatible with Moment’s lenses. Those lenses easily snap into a custom-built frame on the M-Series Lens Mount or those cases.


The difference here is that Moment is bringing its M-Series lenses to just about any device via a relatively inexpensive mounting system. So users will be able to pair the mount and Moment lenses with some of the best Android devices on the market. That includes any of the ‘glass-filled’ nylon lenses in that series. As a result, buyers have plenty of options from macro lenses to wide-angle or fisheye cameras.

The device is comprised of a machined aluminum housing that takes on a U-shape, slipping over a smartphone’s camera. Moment says its clip will work with “most devices,” as long as they are under 10.75mm thick. That’s measured from the camera surface to the screen surface and as long as the sensor is less than 39mm from the device’s edge.

The contact points where that frame meets the phone are padded to prevent device damage. Those also help ensure a snug fit that’s as slip-resistant as it is easy to align properly and tighten down. Interchangeable end caps ensure proper alignment on any compatible Android handset.


Better still, Moment says that its shape and design allow this accessory to work around various designs utilized by mobile OEMs. More directly, that’s with regard to camera bumps which tend to vary greatly in terms of shape and heights.

Pricing and availability

Now, the M-Series Lens Mount from Moment is available to pre-order right now. The company’s site says it will ship in the near future too. So nobody needs to wait around for too long to take advantage of Moment’s M-Series lenses. More specifically, it’s slated to arrive between March 20 and March 25.

Pricing isn’t exorbitant either, making it easier still to pick up without guilt. The company has set the cost of its M-Series Lens Mount at $29.99. Of course, that’s going to be on top of the cost of lenses to use with the mount. Those start out at right around $100 and range all the way up to well over $560. The cost varies depending on whether a single lens is purchased or a multi-lens bundle is purchased.


With a limited promotional code, “freemount,” Moment will also include the mount for free with the purchase of its lenses.