Lockdown Leads Bungie To Use Stadia For Destiny 2 Playtesting


The current state of the lockdown in several cities has lead Bungie to use Google's Stadia platform for Destiny 2 playtesting.

The company's COO Patrick O'Kelley recently talked about how the team at Bungie was trying to outfit everyone with the necessary hardware to work and keep up with development remotely.

This included playtesting the game as it's a needed practice and an important part of the development. It's also something that was unexpected. O'Kelley says that the team hadn't initially thought about Stadia as a possible solution.


Thanks to Google working with the team at Bungie though it looks like things will be able to carry on as normal as possible while everyone works from home.

Destiny 2 playtesting on Stadia is going to be an "amazing solution"

Playtesting Destiny 2 on Stadia? Who'd have thought? Certainly not Bungie, it seems. But that hasn't stopped them from deciding to utilize the platform for it anyway.

O'Kelley says that Google has been collaborating with the team at Bungie to make everything viable and make it a workable solution. He even says that it looks like it will be an "amazing solution" for everyone.


This is in no small part due to the help that Google has provided. O'Kelley talks about the difficulties of getting playtests at scale. Highlighting that it involves a lot of bandwidth.

Collaborating with Google to get everything working has given the team a Bungie a way to continue doing everything they can to replicate all aspects of development during this time.

Not everything can be done remotely

While playtesting can be done remotely thanks to Stadia, not everything can be done from home.


Things like motion capture can't be completed unless the team is able to work from the studio. Because Bungie can't have people coming into the studio to finish that particular task.

O'Kelley says that it's something that will have to be looked at each and every day. And that the team will have take things one day at a time as the situation changes.

That could meant that certain parts of development take a little longer than expected. However, Bungie's focus is still meeting its product goals for the year. How that plays out in terms of game content being released on time is unclear.


But the team is doing everything it can to ensure that players are having a good experience with the game while also making sure the staff and anyone involved with development in any way are able to stay safe during this time.