LG Not Planning To Launch G9 ThinQ, At All: Report

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Update: LG has reached out with a statement:

“For eight generations, the LG G Series has introduced bleeding-edge technology to consumers around the world. From super wide-angle cameras to flexible displays to high-fidelity audio and the Quad DAC to 1440p displays, the G Series has consistently been at the forefront of smartphone innovation since 2012. We look forward to sharing more details soon.”

Those expecting to see an LG G9 ThinQ arrive in the wild later this year think again. LG is reportedly not planning to launch the G9 ThinQ, at all.


LG not planning to launch G9 ThinQ

A new report from South Korean publication Naver says that the LG G9 is scrapped. South Korean Android OEM LG is abandoning the phone. Not only the phone, however: the company is also abandoning the G series, too. What this means is that the G8 from last year is the “last of the mobile Mohicans,” so to speak.

Naver says that, in the G series’ place, LG looks to introduce a new series altogether, one that places greater emphasis on innovation.

Why scrap the G series?

Why would LG scrap the G series? According to one person familiar with LG’s plans, the company believes the phone doesn’t have a brand that stands out. “Lastly, at a new product briefing session for domestic mobile operators, LG said that it would abandon the ‘G’ brand into the new product and introduce a new brand.


I think it will use a…name that emphasizes the strength of the new product as a brand,” a telecommunications industry official says.

LG is obviously not content with the performance of the G series since its inception with the Optimus G in 2012. Apparently, the “G” brand doesn’t resonate with customers. Adding “ThinQ” to the G series with the LG G6 in 2018 didn’t help matters, unfortunately. The new word was added to the G6 a year after its market debut. “ThinQ” didn’t resonate with many customers, either, though LG positioned the moniker to connect its artificial intelligence technology and mobile devices.

Additionally, the G series is likely going the way of the dinosaur because of sales. Regardless of how innovative a phone series may or may not be, phones that sell well remain.


No company scraps a phone that proves a valuable cash cow. LG says the G series isn’t innovative. That’s true, but it’s also the case that the G series isn’t selling.

What about the G9’s Snapdragon 765G report?

An earlier report from Naver said that LG would introduce the G9 as a mid-range phone. Instead of giving it the premium Snapdragon 865 SoC, LG would give it the lower-tier 765G instead.

Though LG won’t unveil the G9, it will introduce a high-end smartphone with the Snapdragon 765G later this year. The upcoming premium smartphone will come with 5G and still use the lower-tier Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.


The company’s opting for the 765G over the Snapdragon 865 SoC pertains to the price of the highest phone processor from Qualcomm. The Snapdragon 865 SoC comes with two chips that one must purchase, one with cores and the other a 5G chip.

In contrast, the Snapdragon 765G comes with one chip and is more budget-friendly in price. Though the 765G doesn’t perform as fast as the 865, it is more than sufficient for most users.