Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone Appears In Certification With Photos

01 Lenovo Legion CNIPA 15

The upcoming Lenovo Legion-branded Android gaming phone has now appeared at China’s CNIPA patent website, complete with a few new details. That listing also happens to hold full-color photos of the handset, pulled down from the site by Pricebaba. The images reveal a design take that’s uniquely suited for gamers.

For starters, the entire rear panel appears to be transparent. The images show the handset in a metallic grey color, with what appears to either be a second red variant. Conversely, the images showcase LEDs under the panel that light up through the see-through backing. In the images, the coloration highlights a shuriken-shape at the center of the design

The detail is consistent with the Legion branding, which stretches across the device from the bottom to the fingerprint scanner — set just below its triple-camera array.


Near the right-hand edge at the center of the rear panel, a physical fan is visible. Lenovo’s Legion division has included the word “Cool” next to the fan. That hints that the fan is likely integral as part of the device’s previously reported “disruptive” cooling solution.

What details does CNIPA give for the Lenovo Legion gaming phone?

Aside from the confirmation of cooling features and a triple-camera array over a transparent backing, there are at least a few other details the patent images reveal. To begin with, the Lenovo Legion gaming phone will feature larger-than-average bezels above and below the display.

That will house a selfie camera and earpiece. But it will also make room for a second USB-C port. One USB-C port is in place at the bottom-center of the handset but there’s another in the left-hand edge.

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That will undoubtedly be utilized to attach accessories or secondary displays. For instance, it may be used chiefly for the now-expected Lenovo Legion gamepad. That follows recent reports that the company will release such an accessory to compete with other gaming smartphones. It may also be usable with other accessories such as earphones.

With two ports, users will additionally be able to use their handset while charging in two different configurations. Lenovo has already said the Legion gaming phone will feature at least 55W fast charging technology. And that’s going to be useful since the rear of the device also denotes a relatively huge 5,050mAh battery is in place here.

The larger-than-average battery will not only be useful to drive a more optimized gaming experience. Rumors have stated that the device will utilize a battery-draining 144Hz refresh rate for the display panel. That’s alongside LPDDR5 RAM and the very latest in UFS fast storage.


Finally, the under-panel markings note one key discrepancy. Previous reports have confirmed the use of a Snapdragon 865 chipset for this phone. But the unexpected images show designation for the Snapdragon 855 SoC. It’s not clear whether that’s a misprint or if it points to a deeper problem with prior reports.

When is this phone expected to arrive?

Aside from reports and hints from Lenovo that a powerful, 5G-ready, Legion-branded smartphone will drop “soon,” details about its probable launch date are fairly slim. The device has been appearing in reports since at least the middle of December, last year.

Given the current global coronavirus pandemic and its limiting-effect in terms of large gatherings and smartphone demand, Lenovo may choose to hold off on any announcements. Or the company may choose to do a soft-launch in select regions where the market is beginning to rebound — launching later to other regions. If that happens, the company may choose to launch via a virtual announcement.


If Lenovo stages a larger launch event, that’s not likely to happen for at least a few months.