KOONGYA Draw Party Is Excellent And You Should Be Playing It


This day and age there are so many different games that appeal to all different tastes, but sometimes you just want something fun and easy that doesn't require too much effort, and that's exactly what KOONGYA Draw Party from Netmarble is.

Though it definitely offers up a simplistic gameplay style that will appeal to many different users, it still has a slight challenge to it. That challenge comes in the form of trying to guess what it is the other players are drawing.

While you can play this game solo you can also play with your friends. When you do play with friends, it might be more of a challenge to figure out the sketch. The same goes for your friends, and each of you will have a collection of letters at the bottom that are all mixed up with which to pull your guesses from.


KOONGYA Draw party is easy to play and it fits all ages

KOONGYA Draw Party might seem like it's more geared towards kids thanks to the silly cartoon graphics and puns.

Make no mistake though this is a game that is great for anyone of any age. And it's actually fun to play. As you progress through each stage you'll be given a drawing quiz to solve, and passing each stage awards you with experience points to level up.

At the end of some stages you'll also get gifts, which can contain gold and special boosts like pause timers. Use the pause timers sparingly because you might need them during the later stages which are likely to be more difficult.


Unlock multiple modes of play

When you first start the game you won't be able to play every single mode. You'll first have to go through a few single player stages to get further and unlock those modes.

Once you get past a certain stage, you'll be able to dive into the social, gallery, and character menus, with options to play against friends and other players online.

Aside from the completion of stages there will be different missions for you to complete as well. The mission tasks will vary and you can find these along the side of the screen. There's also an achievements list you can browse over that will have rewards for completion, so make sure to check these as often as you can.


For a free game, KOONGYA Draw Party is a wonderful little offering from Netmarble. And if you enjoyed Draw Something or other similar games then you will very likely enjoy this as well.