It Looks Like Lenovo Will Make A Gamepad For The Legion Phone

Legion Phone Accessories

The Legion phone from Lenovo will come with its own gamepad accessory. At least by the looks of a new image that’s been shared on Weibo that depicts the phone alongside a handful of accessories specifically for it.

The device, which has yet to receive an official unveiling from Lenovo, has been teased over the past several weeks. Whether it’s been a key spec or two or just a statement about the phone itself and how it will compare to similar devices.

But this most recent image is the first that’s actually shed some light on what kind of experience mobile gamers can expect. At least in terms of additional accessories to enhance the gaming experience.


The Legion Phone gamepad will be a dual controller setup

The teaser image shows off quite a bit of the Legion Phone itself as well as accessories to pair with it. These will no doubt be optional, and probably not accessories that will come with the phone as part of a single offering.

When it comes to the gamepad in particular, it’ll be a dual controller setup. It doesn’t have the same exact design as the Joy Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch, but the two sides of the controller (each one meant for a specific hand) are split up in the same way.

A number of controllers for mobile devices have taken this same approach. Such as the gamepad for the Black Shark 2 Pro, as well as the Razer Junglecat. It’s a setup that works because each side can then be locked into place on the right and left sides of the phone.


This also tends to require a dedicated case, and it looks like there’s one of those in the image as well.

There may be a bundle option that comes with everything

This could just be a promotional image to showcase the available accessory options. But it could also be a bundle that consumers will be able to buy. One that comes with every accessory being developed for the phone.

Aside from the gamepad, there appear to be two different cases for the device. One seems like it could be a more standard case while the other appears to have integrated LED lighting.


There also seems to be a pair of earbuds which could be wired or wireless. And, the whole thing is inside of a suitcase-style package. Which would be quite the unboxing experience.