You Can Now Browse Instagram With Friends Over Video Chat

Instagram AH NS 10

Instagram is making it easier to practice social distancing, but still browse the site together, with video chat.

The company is rolling out a new feature that is going to allow you to browse Instagram with your friends, like you’d normally do. But instead of doing it in person, it’ll be over video chat. All done within the app. This is because Instagram is helping to promote social distancing. Because we do all need to be at least six feet apart from each other.

Instagram is also adding a “Stay Home” Sticker and dedicated Story

Social media platforms like Instagram are working to really promote staying at home and social distancing. Instagram has added a couple of new stickers, one of which includes a “Stay home” sticker that you can add to your stories.

There is also now a new story that Instagram is putting at the top of the app for everyone’s account. Called “Stay Home” and it will curate stories from those that have used the Stay Home sticker. Giving you some extra content to check out, and urge you to stay home. Showing you that it can be fun to stay home too.


Searches for “Coronavirus” will take you to the WHO’s Instagram page

It goes without saying that Instagram is going to be battling plenty of fake news, during this Coronavirus pandemic. And it looks like it’s doing a pretty good job so far.

Now, when you search for Coronavirus on the app, it will show WHO and UNICEF’s Instagram pages first, before any hashtags. To ensure that you get accurate news and information about the pandemic. Instead of getting news from random Instagram accounts that could be posting fake news. That’s definitely important in this time.

Instagram is also removing COVID-19 accounts from account recommendations. This is going to suppress those accounts, but that is going to be a good thing. The only accounts you should really be following is WHO (World Health Organization), as well as your local health organization’s pages (if available). In the US, that would be the CDC. These are reputable accounts, run by the organizations that are currently giving us all the information on what’s going on in the world, when it comes to the Coronavirus.

Instagram is doing a pretty good job here, during this pandemic. Not only helping people stay busy at home, but also keeping fake news out of their feeds. And it’s doing a great job at keeping the site up, with the increased traffic.