House of X & Powers of X Join MARVEL Future Fight In Latest Update


A new update has arrived for MARVEL Future Fight that introduces the House of X and Powers of X stories. Based on the comic book arcs of the same names, the new content will feature various details from both.

This includes new costumes for already available characters, as well as some character upgrade changes. The content is already live in the game for players, so you should see it the moment you login.

If you don't then you may need to update the game or simply wait.


MARVEL Future Fight Adds House of X costumes for two characters

If you liked the House of X and Powers of X story arcs in the comics, don't miss out on the House of X costumes.

The game now allows you to pick up a House of X themed costume for both Magneto and Wolverine. Additionally there are other costumes to pick up for other characters

For example, you can grab a costume for Sentinel based on Nimrod the Lesser. There's also a Marvel Girl uniform for Jean Grey.


There are three new characters to acquire as well. All of which are themed after The House of X. This includes Professor X, Mystique, and Mr. Sinister. Professor X in particular is a character that you probably want to ensure you pick up.

He has new Ultimate Skills and he can be upgraded to a tier 3. Which probably means he's going to be a powerful character to have in your roster.

Battle it out against other players in Squad Battles

There is a new game mode in MARVEL Future Fight called Squad Battle to look out for. This is a league-based mode where you fight against other players.


So there's rankings that will be around for the week and then eventually reset after the next week begins. The rankings you have for any given week are based on how you did the week before.

In this mode players are divided into leagues with the associated rank. You'll need to improve your results if you want to be placed into a higher league in the following weekly reset.

You also can't just choose which ever heroes you like. Squad Battle will require players to pick heroes that meet certain conditions. Which might make it a little more challenging as you may be stuck with choosing heroes you're not as familiar with.


That should also make the battles more interesting.