Hands-On With The OPPO Find X2 Pro

OPPO Find X2 Pro AM AH 7

The OPPO Find X2 Pro is looking to be the biggest contender to Samsung this year, and in our week with it, it might actually be.

We've been using the Find X2 Pro for about a week – part of that time with pre-release software – and now let's talk about how good (or bad) the experience was in this hands-on.

First off, the design. It's refreshing to be able to use a phone and not worry about it slipping out of your hands because it's so slippery. Because the Find X2 Pro is leather-backed, it adds some grip, making it much easier to hold onto. That's definitely still a very important aspect for any smartphone these days. As slipping out of our hands could really cause some problems.


OPPO Find X2 Pro AM AH 18

The size of the phone is also pretty good, coming from the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it actually feels small. But for most people, this size will be perfect. The back is curved a little bit, making it easier to hold onto – also a good thing. Surprisingly, the volume rocker is actually really good. The buttons are a bit longer and have better tactile feedback.

That 120Hz display

After taking the Find X2 Pro out of the box, the very first thing that I did in the settings was make sure this was set to QHD+ and 120Hz. To take full advantage of this beautiful display.

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Now you can opt to use it at 60Hz, or have it intelligently switch between 60Hz and 120Hz, but I chose to lock it at 120Hz. It is just so smooth, once you've used a phone at 120Hz, you can never go back.

Though this display isn't just about the hertz. It's also about the colors. This is a display that can show over a billion different colors and 100% of the P3 color gamut. This results in an incredible looking display. And one that is particularly good for watching YouTube videos and other content.

At 6.7-inches, you're getting a big, beautiful display. And there's really not much we can say bad about this display. It even gets really bright when used outside. That's something that most high-end displays like this, miss out on. But not with the Find X2 Pro.


OPPO's best camera system yet

The other big selling point for the Find X2 Pro is the camera system, and we can see why. As a refresher, this model sports two 48-megapixel sensors, along with a 13-megapixel periscope sensor. Allowing you to capture pictures at 10x optical zoom.

The camera experience here is actually really good. That is a big difference from my experience with an OPPO camera a few years ago, and that's a good thing. At just about every focal length, the Find X2 Pro produces some incredible pictures. Though, at 10x, it does get pretty soft. But focus is still sharp all the way up to 5x, which is what most people would max out at, most likely.

OPPO Find X2 Pro AM AH 2


Another feature of this camera that OPPO isn't touting as much, but I think is a big deal, is the macro mode. Unfortunately, you can't just switch to macro, you have to wait for the camera to see that you're really close to the subject and then switch to macro. But other than that, it works really well. It will focus as close as 0.3cm away from the subject. Now that also means that it'll be blocking the light on the subject, which can have a negative effect. But for the most part, it works really well.

The OPPO Find X2 Pro is turning out to be a really great smartphone. We haven't had time to really check out the battery life just yet, as we've only had the final software for a couple of days, but even that is looking pretty good. OPPO has a winner on their hands with the Find X2 Pro.