Google Play Store Dark Theme Is No Longer Exclusive To Android 10

Google Play Store Dark Mode AM AH 1

Dark theme for the Google Play Store app arrived to Android 10 devices in October last year. Many users were wondering when will it arrive to the rest of the pack, and it finally did.

It took the company quite a bit of time to deliver this feature to the rest of Android users, almost half a year. Google has announced via Twitter that it’s finally happening, though.

Dark theme for the Google Play Store is no longer exclusive to Android 10

The company said that the Google Play Store dark theme is no longer exclusive to Android 10 users, that it has arrived “on any Android device”. By that, the company means any Android phone that runs at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.


Do note that this feature has arrived as a manual switch in the settings. You’ll need to open up the Play Store, and then navigate to its settings to switch to the dark theme. You can also choose ‘System default’ or ‘Set by battery saver’ options, if you prefer it that way.

Do note that this feature is rolling is already rolling out, but it may not be available for your device just yet. We’re not sure if it’s coming in form of an update, or a server-side change, but it’s possible it’s the latter.

It’s also worth saying that this is not an OLED black dark theme. Google opted for a dark gray version of a dark theme, the same as it did for a number of other apps it made.


If you’ve seen this dark theme on Android 10, you know exactly what will it look like on any other phone. Google did not make any changes to it since it started rolling out to Android 10 devices back in October.

Quite a few Google-made apps offer dark themes at this point

The company had rolled out a dark theme feature to a number of its applications. Those apps include YouTube, Google Keep, Gmail, Chrome, and a number of others.

Pretty much every popular Google-made app supports a dark theme now, well, the vast majority of popular ones, that is. There are still several of them left that are waiting for this treatment.


The company started this trend when Android 10 arrived. Android 10 arrived as being predominantly white, and the company wanted to counter that somehow.

Google started intensively working on dark themes for its applications, and managed to deliver results quickly. This actually pushed some other companies to offer dark themes for their apps, companies that have been refusing to do so until that point.

It’s always nice to have options, and dark themes give you exactly that. It’s also worth noting that they’re saving battery life, especially OLED dark themes, so it’s a shame Google didn’t offer that option as well.