Google Play Console Confirms Galaxy M11 Design & Some Specs


The Galaxy M11 is Samsung's upcoming budget smartphone, and both its design and partial specs have been confirmed by Google. To be more specific, a render of the device, along with specs, surfaced on the Google Play Console.

If you take a look at the image provided above, you'll be able to see the front side of the device. So, this Google Play Console render doesn't really confirm the design of the back of the Galaxy M11, but at least we know what to expect on the front.

The Galaxy M11 design confirmed, display camera hole will be included

The Galaxy M11 will include a display camera hole. That hole will be placed in the top-left corner of the device. You'll notice that the bezels on this phone are not that thick, except for the bottom one.


That bottom bezel is considerably thicker than the rest of them. The phone offers rounded corners, and the same goes for the display corners. All the physical buttons are placed on the right-hand side of the device.

This listing also confirms that the phone will feature an HD+ display. A resolution of 1560 x 720 is listed on the website. Android 10 will come pre-installed on the phone, along with Samsung's custom UI.

This website also suggests that the phone will be fueled by the Snapdragon 450. That is Qualcomm's entry-level processor, and you can expect this device to be extremely affordable.


The device will include 3GB of RAM

Samsung will also include 3GB of RAM inside of this device. That may be the only variant of the phone, we'll see once it becomes official.

The Galaxy M11 will not be available all over the place. This phone will probably be reserved for some markets only, as it's an entry-level phone. We're presuming it will launch somewhere in Asia, it may arrive to India first.

It is also worth noting that the Galaxy M11 got approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance about two months ago. So, we knew that the phone is coming, but did not have any information about it, until now.


We still do not know what will this phone's display size be, but if rumors are to be believed, it will be somewhere around 6 inches. You can also expect a rather large battery to be included.

This will become one of the cheapest smartphones Samsung announced this year, if not the cheapest one. It will probably be made out of plastic, and offer one or two cameras on the back.

We're still not sure if Samsung plans on including a fingerprint scanner on the device. If it does, then it will be placed on the back of the device.