Google Pixel Buds Receive Wireless Charging Certification

Google Pixel Buds Hands On 4

Google’s Pixel Buds are soon to arrive with wireless charging certification in tow.

Google Pixel Buds receive wireless charging certification

The Pixel Buds have passed through the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The WPC is an organization devoted to wireless charging technology. The agency promotes Qi wireless charging for its mobile devices. Seeing the device pass through the WPC is a sign that the wireless earbuds will support wireless charging when they land on the market. The Pixel Buds already have Bluetooth 5.0 certification, which it received in January from the Bluetooth Consortium.

Considering these are earbuds, wireless charging certification is something Google is paying for. That means that buyers shouldn’t expect budget-friendly pricing for them. Of course, Google Assistant alone makes the case for greater pricing.


Pixel Buds Have Wireless Charging Case

Since the AI earbuds, known as the Pixel Buds 2, will have wireless charging, it’s safe to say that they’ll come with a wireless charging case. The case holds the earbuds but also wirelessly charges them. This means that, when the earbuds are in the case, they’ll receive a battery charge to keep them from dying out. The wireless earbuds come with 5-Watt wireless charging and 5 hours of battery life. Topping them off with the wireless charging case increases battery life to a full day (24 hours).

The idea of a wireless charging case for earbuds is a clever one, despite the fact that Google isn’t the first company to implement it. In this tech age of wireless devices and the need to “unplug” on the go, it’s refreshing to see earbud makers design them for greater charging convenience.

Of course, this is a necessary step because of the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from smartphones nowadays. The headphone jack is going the way of VHS videotapes and CD-ROMs, as companies use the extra space inside smartphones for other, more cutting-edge technologies. Removing the headphone jack leads, naturally, to the need for wireless earbuds. And, of course, wireless earbuds, like all wireless devices, need a charging source of some kind.


Smaller, water and sweat-resistant, come in different colors

The upcoming wireless Pixel Buds, announced at the search engine giant’s Made By Google event in NYC on October 15th, 2019, will come smaller than its predecessor. This is to encourage greater usage time, as wearers who find them comfortable will keep them in-ear. Google is hoping for this response.

Of course, the new Pixel Buds bring along Google Assistant, Google’s AI that can be summoned for increasing or decreasing playback volume. Additionally, Google Assistant will work on the Buds from three rooms, or a football field, away.

The Pixel Buds 2 will remain water-resistant and sweat-resistant, a necessity for portability and use. Coming in “Almost Black,” “Quite Mint,” “Clearly White,” and “Oh So Orange” colors, the new earbuds will cost around $179 USD when they land this Spring.