Google Pixel Buds 2 Get NCC Certification

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The Google Pixel Buds 2 have popped up at Taiwan’s NCC with a new certification. Although the listing doesn’t really give away any meaningful information, it signals that Google’s first truly wireless hearables are nearing launch.

According to the NCC certification, the left bud is code-named G1007 while the right one has the identifier G1008. The charging case is code-named G1013.

Previously, the buds had shown up at the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). This implies that unlike last year, the Pixel Buds 2 will not be limited to wired charging. Apparently, the new edition will support 5W charging speeds, which is pretty good for the accessories.


As for the release date, the general consensus is that the Pixel Buds 2020 will go on sale in Q3 2020. Google will likely make some sort of announcement at the Google I/O that will be an online-only affair this year.

That said, the coronavirus pandemic can definitely interfere with the plans. The Wireless Power Consortium has already removed the buds from the website, which hints that there might be a delay.

We know plenty already about the Pixel Buds 2


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The Pixel Buds 2 were originally announced during the Made by Google event in October 2019. Based on that, we know that they will offer hands-free access to Google Assistant.

Since the neckbud design has been let go of, the second-generation buds can help the Mountain View based company compete better with rivals like Apple, Sony, and Samsung.

Google says that it scanned thousands of ears to come up with the design of the Pixel Buds 2. They will offer a customizable, secure fit. A stabilizer arc will help the hearable stay put in your ears and apparently silicone tips will be available in different sizes so you can choose what suits you.


The earbuds will also feature a spatial vent, allowing a little outside noise to come in so that you aren’t completely cut off from your surroundings.

Sound quality and far-reaching Bluetooth connection can be their USP

Google has also said that the buds will feature custom-designed 12mm dynamic drivers that will offer a powerful sound. There will also be an accelerometer for clearer calls.

The internet giant has also revealed that the new version will be sweat and water-resistant, but it is not known yet if they will come with an IPX rating.


The outer housing will be touch-sensitive, which means you will be able to use touch controls to play and pause audio and adjust the volume. They will likely be available in four colors including white, mint-green, orange, and black.

Pixel Buds 2 will offer a battery life of five hours. The wireless charging case will offer an additional 24 hours of juice.

Google also claims that the hearables will deliver an extremely long-range Bluetooth connection. It will presumably be so good that it will span the distance of a football field, which is really saying something. The earphones have already received Bluetooth 5.0 certification from the Bluetooth Consortium.


Google has also confirmed that the new buds will support real-time language translation. The Pixel Buds 2 will carry a price tag of $179 when they are released.