Google Pixel 4a Appears In Real-Life Images With A Display Hole

Google Pixel 4a real life images leak featured

The Google Pixel 4a has just surfaced in a bunch of real-life images. Those images surfaced in two different places. The first batch of leaks appeared on Reddit, while the second leak was shared by TechDroider.

The Google Pixel 4a leaked in six real-life images, from two different sources

The first batch of Pixel 4a images consists out of five pictures, and all of them show the device in a fabric case. These images were taken from an unnamed Facebook group, and then shared via Reddit. As you can see, these are screenshots, and they’re included in the gallery below this paragraph.

You can see the phone from both the front, and the back, but its design is partially covered by a fabric case. The phone is pictured with both its display on and off, though, so you can see its bezels here.


The Pixel 4a will trim down bezels quite a bit compared to the Pixel 3a. You will also notice a display camera hole in the top-left corner of its display. All the physical buttons are located on the right-hand side of this phone, while the power / lock button sits above the volume rocker keys.

As you can see, there is a cutout on the top of this fabric case. That suggests that the device will include a 3.5mm headphone jack, just like its predecessor. Some people will be really happy to hear this.

The device will retain a rear-facing fingerprint scanner

A fingerprint scanner is placed on the back of this phone, which is clearly shown in one of these images. The phone’s corners are rounded, and the same goes for its display corners.


In addition to five real-life images of the Google Pixel 4a in which the phone’s design is partially hidden by a case, a separate image got shared by TechDroider.

Google Pixel 4a real life image leak 6

This image shows the back side of the device, and there is no case on it. You can clearly see the phone’s camera module, fingerprint scanner, and its whole back side design.


It seems like that camera module will protrude on the back a bit, This is a black-colored Pixel 4a, and it seems like it’s made out of polycarbonate (plastic), but we cannot confirm that just yet.

A single camera seems to be located on the back, along with an LED flash. Google’s logo will be placed on the bottom of this phone’s back, but it’s not there yet, as this is just a prototype, it seems.

Google is expected to announce two different variants of the Pixel 4a. The smaller handset will be called the Pixel 4a, while the bigger one will carry the Pixel 4a XL name.


That was at least the case with the Pixel 3a series. The two phones are expected to look the same, and their specifications will probably be quite similar as well. The Pixel 4a series is expected to arrive in May.