Google Pixel 4 May Soon Gain 4K60 Video Option

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When the Google Pixel 4 was first announced last October, the main complaint about it was the lack of 4K60 video recording.

Google decided not to add this feature, as most people wouldn’t use it, and it used up a lot of space. Keep in mind that the base storage on the Pixel 4 series is 64GB.

However, many have complained that Google did not add 4K60 as an option. And in the very least it should be available, even if it is not available by default.


The latest Google Camera app update shows 4K60 might be arriving soon

However, the sharp eyes over at the XDA Forums, have gotten their hands on the latest Google Camera app update, which is version 7.4, and there is 4K60 mentioned in the source code.

This version of the app is still unreleased, so it’s unclear whether this will enable 4K60 on the Google Camera app or not. Or whether Google is still just testing it out.

Seeing as the Pixel 4 does shoot at 4K30 already, it should be as easy as changing some software code to make 4K60 a real thing.


Another mode that was found in this apk was 4K24. That’s a more cinematic video recording mode, and not one that everyone has been clammoring for. But many will still appreciate having available to them. On the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung only offers 8K recording at 24fps. It doesn’t show as many frames per second, and isn’t as smooth. But it can give you some rather cool effects.

Making the best camera even better

Some might disagree, but the Pixel 4 has the best camera available on a smartphone right now. Sure the new Galaxy S20 has more cameras and more focal lengths, but that doesn’t necessarily make the camera the best. Google has continued to improve its cameras on all of its Pixel smartphones, through software, and that’s happening again with the Pixel 4.

Bringing in 4K60 video recording will be a big deal on the Pixel 4. Sure it’s going to use up more storage, and most people are stuck with just 64GB of storage. But thankfully we have Google Photos, where we can backup our videos. Though, the only downside there is that Google has ditched the unlimited original size backup for Pixel phones. So it won’t backup at 4K, but rather 1080p.


Hopefully we see this update come for the Pixel 4 in the very near future.