Google I/O 2020 Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

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Coronavirus has claimed another show, this time it’s Google I/O 2020.

After Mobile World Congress, F8, and the Geneva Auto Show, Google I/O 2020 is added to the list. Like F8, Google I/O will go on, but it won’t be a physical show. And seeing as most people don’t get to head to Mountain View for I/O, that’s not a big deal.

Google I/O will continue on as a virtual show. And it is refunding everyone that purchased a ticket by March 13. Google also added that those that entered their information for tickets this year, will automatically be entered in for Google I/O 2021 tickets.


Google I/O cancelled for the first time ever

This is the first time that Google I/O has been cancelled, and it’s for good reason.

With the rising cases of Coronavirus or COVID-19, it was the right move for Google to cancel its yearly developer conference. Even though it is like Christmas day for Google and Android fans.

It will be an online only event, which is how it is for most people that watch the keynote anyways. Since only a few thousand people are able to make the trip to Mountain View for the big event.


Coronavirus is spreading faster than expected

It’s a shame seeing all of these events cancelled, but it’s to protect everyone. As of this writing, there are over 80,000 cases of Coronavirus in the world, with over 3,000 deaths so far. These numbers have been skyrocketing each day – the cases number in particular. The disease has affected every continent except for Antartica.

So if it sounds like companies are being overly cautious when it comes to Google I/O, it’s because they are. Google is taking the advice of the CDC, WHO and other government agencies, when it comes to Coronavirus. Which is the right thing to do. Having thousands of people all in a tight area like Google I/O, would be a breeding ground for this virus. Especially with everyone coughing on each other, as that is the easiest way for the virus to spread.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see other trade shows and events that happen later this year, get cancelled too. Like IFA, which happens in late August/early September.


Google I/O will still go on, we’ll just have to watch the live stream. It’ll happen May 12 through the 14. Likely taking place from a conference room at the Googleplex, instead of at Shoreline Amphitheater.