Google Launches Government-Sponsored Coronavirus, COVID-19 Hub Site


Google has now launched its new coronavirus site, centralizing official information from the US government about COVID-19. As might be expected and highlighted in widespread reports, the site is extensive.

Visitors are initially greeted by a tabbed "Coronavirus disease (COVID‑19)" information card. Google houses an overview of coronavirus, symptoms, treatments, and preventative measures there. To the right of that card, Google placed a "Help & information" segment.

On the left-hand side of the UI, Google has separated the single page with quick-links to the various sections. Those sections include "Safety & prevention tips," "Data & insights," further resources, ways visitors can support relief efforts, and more.


The Google coronavirus site should help teachers, businesses, and individuals alike

The most important information on the site is effectively organized from top-to-bottom in the layout. As noted above, everything starts with some basics, followed by preventative measures individuals can take.

Those are comprised of precisely the tips that might be expected. Google advises visitors to the site to wash their hands often and avoid touching their own faces. Individuals should also maintain a safe distance from others and stay home where possible. When coughing, people should try to cough into their bent elbow. The segment also showcases videos to help prevent and manage COVID-19.

Of course, Google follows that up with data and insights into the present spread of coronavirus on its site. That includes analytics of searches for related keywords.


Just below that, visitors to the Google-run site will find YouTube videos for everything from meal planning and prep to tips for staying in shape during isolation. Work-from-home tips and more can be found there as well.

While the site appears ordered by importance, the search giant has placed what is arguably the most useful information mid-way down the page. Under the 'Resources' heading, Google provides help for visitors, varying based on who will use them. There are three sections including those for individuals, businesses, and teachers.

In the first category, Google places resources for remote working and learning, remote job opportunities, and information on airlines. Educators, meanwhile, are given tools and resources for taking their classroom online. Finally, the company provides a variety of tools and resources meant to help businesses of all sizes continue operating through the pandemic.


Self-checking is live and resources are available to seek out testing

Now, Google's last page segments are dedicated to a COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. That comes complete with a button to donate and a statement claiming Google will match $2 for every dollar donated. The company says its division is committing $50 million to the global COVID-19 response. Blog posts pertaining to coronavirus follow just below. But the site also links out to external government resources.

Back at the top of the page, under the "Help & information" banner, visitors to Google's site will find links out to the CDC and WHO coronavirus resources. Each link is coupled with a cached site link, in case the sites themselves go down.

At the very top of the list is a general information link for the US from the CDC. But just below that is a link out to a CDC page that comes complete with a self-checking tool. Information for finding testing resources can be found on that same page. So visitors to the Google-built government-sponsored coronavirus site can more readily find the help they need.

Google COVID‑19 Information & Resources