Google Is Working On A New Chromecast Ultra With Remote

3rd gen Google Chromecast 1

Rumors for Google’s upcoming Made By Google event in October are already starting to swirl, and it’s barely March.

According to 9to5Google, it appears that Google is working on a refreshed Chromecast Ultra, this time with an external remote.

The device is supposedly going to be running on Android TV, instead of just acting as a Chromecast.


This device has been codenamed “sabrina”

As expected, this device is going to support 4K HDR content, much like the existing Chromecast Ultra does right now.

It will look pretty similar to the existing Chromecast. With a softer, rounder finish, and the typical “G” logo. It also has an HDMI connector that is similar to the current Chromecast Ultra. However the design will be similar to Google’s current hardware design language.

With the addition of an external remote, users will be able to control their TV with it, actually. It also has a microphone built-in for using with the Google Assistant, of course. The remote is said to look similar to the Daydream View remote.

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It should go without saying, but this product would still work with all of the popular apps like YouTube TV, Google Play Movies & TV, Disney+, Netflix and many more. Since those are all supported on Android TV and Chromecast already.

It would fill the gap between Chromecast and Android TV set-top box

This new Chromecast Ultra would also fill the gap between a Chromecast and an Android TV set-top box. Giving users what we’ve been asking for, for years. Which is a dongle that runs on Android TV. And according to this information from 9to5Google, that is exactly what Google is working on.

The gap exists because the Chromecast is still kind of limited, even though it is super easy to use, you can really only Cast content to the TV. And then Android TV is really only available in new TVs and in the NVIDIA SHIELD TV which costs $150.


Customers need something that’s more in the middle and cheaper. The new Chromecast Ultra could offer that. Now this report has not stated how much this new Chromecast Ultra is going to cost, but if Google really wants to make it successful, it’ll need to be near the Chromecast Ultra’s price of $69. Which would make this a rather enticing product.

It’s likely that Google is going to announce this new Chromecast Ultra in October at its annual Made by Google event. But if the product is ready sooner, it could be announced during Google I/O, which is now entirely online due to the Coronavirus.