Google, Amazon & Others Tasked With Helping Trump Administration Combat The Coronavirus

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The White House has asked for many of the biggest tech firms in the US, to help it track the spread of the Coronavirus. As well as help combat misinformation about the disease.

The idea here is for these tech firms to work to combat the misinformation that is being spread, about the Coronavirus. But also help the government track the spread of the disease, which is going to be somewhat easy with platforms like Facebook and Twitter being included. As people do post everything on these platforms now.

The White House is seeking to use Silicon Valley's powerful tools

For the Trump Administration, seeking to use the powerful tools that Silicon Valley has at its disposal for combating the Coronavirus is a really good idea.


There was a roughly two hour-long meeting between a number of top Trump administration aides, and representatives from companies including Cisco, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Twitter. The White House is not only looking to combat the misinformation, but also analyze the data to combat the outbreak. And seeing as it has already infected over 1,000 people in the US. Now is the time to do this.

This was not an advertised session at The White House, so some of the participants spoke with The Washington Post on condition an anonymity.

Combating Coronavirus misinformation is a big deal

And it's a big task for these companies.

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The State Department released a report last month, that found millions of tweets spreading misinformation about the disease.

This is why we've been seeing the CDC getting more active on these platforms and seeing cards on YouTube Videos, giving you more information about the Coronavirus. On videos that are related to the Coronavirus. That way people are able to get the information from an accurate source, which would be the CDC.

Misinformation has been an issue on these platforms for years, and it really came to light after the 2016 Presidential Election. It's a tough thing to combat, but it needs to be done now more than ever. Considering the spread of this misinformation could lead to widespread panic and cause people to do things that they think will protect them, that won't. Like the use of face masks. That won't actually help prevent you from getting theĀ  Coronavirus, and it means that health workers won't be able to treat those with it, and not get sick themselves – since they are in short supply now.