Google Adds Support For Sensor-Only Devices To Google Assistant

Google Assistant CES AM AH 1

Google Assistant supports a lot of different device types and now you can add sensor-only devices to that list.

These types of devices include things like smart smoke detectors and sensors. Which means that these types of devices are about to become a whole lot more useful for anyone that owns them.

This support only allows for users to get alerts. So at the moment users can’t actually complete any actions in regards to the new support. But that could be coming down the road.


When and if that does happen, a smart home setup could have the ability to initiate an action based on something one of the sensor-only devices detects.

Sensor-only devices may now report carbon monoxide levels through Google Assistant

Sensor support is a big thing here because it could lead to some even more in-depth smart home control.

For the time being though, you’ll be able to use Google Assistant to report things such as carbon monoxide levels and smoke levels measured in parts per million. Among a number of other things.


This is no doubt useful but the broader possibilities, such as routines which initiate when sensors detect something, are the more useful function. The thing is, those kinds of automations aren’t available yet.

They can be in the future though now that sensor-only devices are supported. Which is something that was needed if brands wanted to lay out automations like this in the first place.

Water purifiers and water softeners have support now as well

In addition to smoke detectors and sensors Google Assistant also now supports water purifiers and water softeners.


If you live in an area where you have hard water, then you may have a water softener to help counteract this. Hard water is particularly high in mineral content such as calcium and magnesium.

Hard water isn’t harmful to your health, but it can interfere with lathering action of soaps and detergents. It can also lead to lower levels of water flow and less efficient heating.

If you have a smart water softener, you will now able to ask Google about the cleanliness of your water filter as well as the lifetime of that particular filter so you’re aware of when exactly it needs to be replaced.


Smoke detectors can report when smoke is detected and when levels are high

Smoke detectors are now supported too and one of the features of Google Assistant support is being able to report if smoke is detected.

Beyond that it can also report when smoke levels are high if smoke is detected in the first place. It’s also capable of reporting what the smoke is in parts per million.

If you have something like a Nest Protect smoke alarm and it goes off, you could essentially ask Google how high the smoke level is from your smartphone and receive a response.