Gamevil Announces Global Launch Of MLB Perfect Inning 2020


MLB fans have a lot to look forward to in the mobile game department as Gamevil just announced the global launch of MLB Perfect Inning 2020.

This will be the seventh installment in the series and will be released on both Android and iOS devices in the near future. This game content is seemingly not available for US users.

The game is on the Play Store and shows the new 2020 branding, but according to comments from March 22 the new 2020 content is not yet in the game. Gamevil has also stated that there is no release date confirmation yet.


That being said, the latest update information under the What's New section of the Play Store game page states that reflected 2020 season roster, uniforms, and ballparks have been added.

It also states the 2020 staff card has been added as well as the Monster Card and My Player features. And, the game was last updated on March 20. So you should have access to the new content. Players who are interested in the game can pre-register for at the official the pre-registration page.

MLB Perfect Inning 2020 includes new modes and the latest season roster

When the game update content goes live it will include a handful of new things for players. Such as the new SE Monster Card system that will allow you to potentially snag top tier players.


Getting these players will be a possible chance and not a guarantee. In addition to the SE Monster Card system, there will be an updated roster of players from the current season, as well as a new card crafting feature called My Player.

With this feature users can customize their player's name, team, position and even the way the player looks.

Search for the best players using the crafting system

Gamevil seems to be going all in on the crafting system. Stating that it was designed to encourage players to continuously look for the best player cards to collect and add into their rosters.


This means if you have a good team setup already, you can still probably expect to be nudged to utilize the crafting system to get someone better for your team.

It's unclear how aggressive this system is or if any micro transactions play into it. But what is clear is that Gamevil definitely wants players to use it as often as possible. If you're interested in checking the game out for yourself, you can grab it from the Play Store button below.