Gameloft Offers In-Game Freebies During Coronavirus Quarantine


During these trying times of self-quarantine and social distancing due to the coronavirus outbreak, Gameloft is gifting gamers some in-game freebies for its games to help them pass the time.

The freebies will be available to anyone who plays Gameloft games across a number of different platforms. Including Android, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Windows PCs.

Not all of Gameloft's games will have these offerings, but they will be available in a wide variety of games. In fact there will be over 35 games participating, and Gameloft assures that these are the most popular titles. Including Asphalt 9: Legends, and Dragon Mania Legends just to name a couple.


Gameloft promotes coronavirus safety with freebies for tons of games

Since people are going to be on lockdown or self-quarantine over the next couple of weeks, it stands to reason that a lot of people will spend more time playing games.

They'll have more time at home after all, so why not spend it doing something fun. To access the free content players will only need to launch any of Gameloft's games that are supporting the promotion.

This includes the two mentioned above as well as Asphalt 8: Airborne, Overdrive City, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, SongPop2, March of Empires, Modern Combat 5 and more.


It's also likely that it includes Modern Combat Versus and some other games which aren't mentioned. Gameloft says that any of the games which are included will have in-game notifications alerting players to the promotion. So finding out which games are supported won't be too hard.

These offers are only good till the end of March

There are a couple of things to take note of. One is that the offers don't actually start until March 21. So depending on when you read this the offers may not be up and being live yet.

Once they launch, players will have until the end of the month to access the free loot. So if you do play any Gameloft games on your devices take advantage while you can. Even if you're only logging in to grab the free content.


That being said, Gameloft is probably banking on the fact that this will also entice people to play its games more even after the quarantines end. And to be quite honest it will probably work.

Gameloft games can be fun, and there's little that's more successful at getting players to come back than giving them free stuff that will enhance their gaming experience.