Game Of Thrones Beyond The Wall Reaches Android On April 3


Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a new game coming to mobile devices that is launching on Android soon.

In fact it's launching on April 3. Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall is a strategy RPG based on the universe of the show. It'll feature familiar characters that fans have likely grown to love over the years, and it'll feature original characters too.

The game even has an original story so players who dive into it who have also read the books and seen the show will have something new to follow.


Game of Thrones Beyond The Wall is coming to Android after iOS

Android users are eventually getting this game but it will be on iOS about a week before.

So if you wanted a chance to play it prior to the Android launch, this is your opportunity. The game will be free there as well. Although it's not likely that you will be able to transfer your progress being that it's not cross-platform.

The story centers around the mysteries beyond the wall

As the name of the game suggests the story is about the mysteries beyond the wall as well as the three-eyed raven.


You as the player are the commander of the Night's Watch and must lead your men into battle from time to time. Since this is a strategy RPG combat takes place on a grid and you must make carefully crafted choices to ensure survival.

You can only move players so many spaces each turn. And certain characters may have strengths that others don't so where you move them matters. As they may encounter an enemy who happens to be their counter.

You can recruit characters from multiple regions

In Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall you don't just command one army from a particular region. You can actually recruit characters from multiple regions around the world of Game of Thrones.


There are multiple game modes too. Which should help to keep the gameplay varied for anyone that plays it. Players are encouraged to mix and match their favorite characters for unique combinations.

Not only will this allow you to have a veritable spread of the different attack and defense types, but it'll also give you a chance at forming a very strong team. You may even have to change characters out from time to time if you come across a particularly tough challenge.

If you're interested in the game and haven't already pre-registered, doing so will net you some in-game rewards like the game's currency and a chance at some decent characters.