Game Developers Voice Concerns Over Stadia

Stadia Controller 1

Stadia, for what it’s worth, has some very impressive tech and showcases the visions of a bright gaming future, but game developers still have their reservations.

In a recent interview, some game developers voiced concerns about Stadia as a platform and their decisions to avoid bringing their games to it. The report notes that devs are anonymous, as it was their request because they still work in the industry and don’t want to potentially impact their jobs.

Whether or not the concerns are warranted will be subjective to the public, but the bottom line is that both some devs and publishers have an issue with Stadia. And, it all comes down to money and trust. Or rather a lack of trust in Google.


Game developers say they don’t trust Google will stick with Stadia

These are concerns that have been voiced by potential consumers since before Stadia was even launched. So this idea of trust is not a new thing.

That said, this seems to be the first time that publishers and developers have been openly vocal about it. About their fears that Google will eventually abandon the platform. It’s a sentiment that echos the fears consumers have had for a while and perhaps with good reason.

Google has abandoned products before. These were technically less successful products. And any that have been dismantled have essentially had their best features rolled into more successful offerings.


That doesn’t exactly make people feel any better though. Especially after the rocky launch that Stadia had which included a small number of games being available right at launch and a lack of communication.

One development studio said that “If you could see yourself getting into a long-term relationship with Google? But with Google history, I don’t even know if they’re working on Stadia in a year. That wouldn’t be something crazy that Google does. It’s within their track record.”

There’s not enough money on the table

Another big concern or hesitation that’s been voiced is that there just isn’t enough money on the table.


According to a different developer, the monetary offer was “so low that it wasn’t even part of the conversation.” Another said that they questioned if the offer was “enough to give them the resources to make what they want or if it’s an exclusivity deal that offers security.”

Although the report wasn’t able to name this developer due to a request for anonymity, it does mention that it was a very prominent indie developer. Someone that’s well-known.

If there’s one thing that could pose a problem to Google’s success with gaming, it’s not being able to bring in more games because developers don’t trust that the service will be around long enough.


Worth mentioning is that there are games coming to Stadia in the near future and throughout 2020. So it’s not like Google will have nothing to show for its Stadia efforts by the end of the year. Base is coming too, and that may remove some of the fears that people have as they may be able to try the service for free.

All things considered, Stadia works and it has some big launches lined up. Such as DOOM Eternal at the end of this month. Hopefully as time goes on devs and publishers will become more comfortable with Stadia. Because it needs games. The more the better.