FX On Hulu Launches Today; Bringing 1,600 FX Episodes From Hit Shows

fx on hulu

FX on Hulu launches today, as Disney works to make Hulu a more important streaming service for the masses.

As of today, Hulu has added 1,600 FX episodes from some of its most popular TV shows.

Disney acquired FX through its deal to buy 21st Century Fox. The $71.3 billion deal closed in March of 2019, and allowed Disney to add even more content to Disney+ before it’s launch last year. Now it’s looking to leverage that deal to grow Hulu’s subscriber base.


40 FX Series are now on Hulu

The new FX on Hulu hub collects 40 of the network’s most popular series and puts them into one place. Some of the titles here include Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, and many more.

Fans of American Horror Story will be able to stream episodes 24 hours after they air, on Hulu. Similar to the other shows that are on Hulu already. Like ABC shows including The Rookie, Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 and more.

Disney shut down FX+ last year, and this is meant to replace it. FX+ cost $6 per month – the same as Hulu with ads – but it was ad-free and only included 1,400 episodes. With the new FX on Hulu, you’re getting more FX content as well as more content in general. Though, for the same price, you will have to settle for some ads.


Hulu is in a better position to compete with HBO Max and Peacock now

With this move by Disney, Hulu is now going to be in a better position to compete with the upcoming launches of HBO Max and Peacock from AT&T and NBC Universal, respectively.

Though, Hulu is still going to lose some content that it had licensed from those companies when their services launch, Hulu is adding more of its own content that it actually owns. Or rather, it’s parent company owns.

Disney is adding more value to Hulu, which was already a really good streaming service, especially since it is only $6 per month for Hulu with ads. And you’re getting a ton of great content on the service for that price. Whereas competitors are charging $9.99 and usually much more. Even though they don’t have ads, many are still favoring Hulu with ads, since it’s cheaper.


Currently, Hulu has 30 million subscribers in the US. And all of them are paying subscribers. That’s about half of the amount that Netflix has in the US. So they are a pretty formidable streaming service. If you’re one of those that is not yet a subscriber, you can sign up for a free trial here.