Free Ad-Supported Movies On Google Play Could Soon Be A Thing

Google Play Movies and TV AH NS 04

If you've been among a group of people wishing, hoping for Google to give you free ad-supported movies to watch, then you may just get your wish.

A recent teardown of the Google Play Movies app on Android suggests that Google is preparing to give users the ability to watch a collection of different films at no cost. At least not a monetary one.

The only cost would be more of your time as the movies would come with ads. Think about how you watch YouTube videos now. If you're not on a premium subscription then your videos either have mid-roll video ads, pre-video ads, or both.


Now apply that to movies in the Google Play Movies app and that could be how things are offered in the future.

Google Play Movies will offer "hundreds" of free ad-supported films

Free movies with ads might not be such a bad thing. At least not for everyone. Some people don't really mind the ads if it means they don't have to pay for something.

And that seems to be the notion that Google is playing off of here. It likely won't just be a few movies either. Strings found within the Google Play Movies app code point to "hundreds" of free ad-supported films being on offer.


Which sounds like users will have a decent size collection of movies to sift through. The only downside for those that would like this change would be that this might not be something implemented during people's time in quarantine.

If there was ever a time to get people to watch ads, and through the offer of free movies is how you were going to entice users, now would be that time. Seeing as many people are now working from home or simply in quarantine with no work to fill their time.

Who knows what movies will be included

Hundreds of films for free even if thereĀ areĀ ads is a lot of free content to help fill your time. The thing is that there's no telling when this feature will be added into the app.


It could be weeks or months away or it could be something that Google just needs to flip the switch on. If that were the case, then these could pop up for free before the weekend and continue rolling out to users through next week.

There's also no telling which movies will be made available for free. It might be a mix of both old and new films or it might be mostly old films. The one thing that's for sure is that it is almost certainly not all new releases.

Either way, free films are free films. Especially if you have down time. If this sounds like something you'll be partaking in, keep an eye out for it.