Fitbit Has A New Fitness Tracker In The Works


Fitbit appears to have a new fitness tracker on the way, and it may be closer than you think. A new report shows that the company has just had a new tracker listed over at the FCC.

This means that Fitbit has a tracker that it needs the FCC to approve so it can move forward with production of a product it's been testing.

It's still unclear how far along the company is in development. But if the tracker is already at the FCC then chances are Fitbit could be almost done and is ready to move onto manufacturing.


Could this new fitness tracker be the Fitbit Charge 4?

According to the FCC listing the new fitness tracker from Fitbit has a model number of FB417.

This is suggested to be a normal tracker and not a smartwatch. Which means it's possibly coming from the Charge or Inspire lines. Both of which are Fitbit's most recent tracker series.

There's nothing specific to confirm that this would be the Fitbit Charge 4. But the Charge 3 is a quite a bit older now. So the arrival of the Charge 4 this year would make sense.


In fact if you consider that the Charge 3 was released in the Fall of 2018, Fitbit hasn't had a new tracker in that line for more than a year and a half. There's also the possibility that this is a completely new tracker series that isn't the Inspire or Charge.

It's also least likely to be something in the Inspire line. Since the Inspire HR was just released last year.

The tracker will be IP68-certified

Really all of Fitbit's trackers have had water resistance in some form. So it shouldn't be a surprise if any new ones that are released in the future come with it as well.


Based on the label that was included with the FCC listing, this particular tracker will come with an IP68 certification. This means you should be able to immerse the tracker in water up to 1 meter.

While you may not go swimming with it often, it would appear that it would be possible if this rating is applied. It would also be able to withstand wear during showers and stay protected from spills.

Right now there's been no announcements made by Fitbit about upcoming trackers for this year. So there's no telling what this tracker is or when it's going to be released. Given the timing of some of the past releases though, a Fall launch seems likely.


Fitbit Tracker FCC Listing