Exynos Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra Get Update With Autofocus Improvements


A ton of Samsung Galaxy S20 series reviews are out already, and those reviews showed that all three phones from the series have issues with autofocus, which can be fixed via an update.

Well, Samsung started rolling out that update to the Korean variants of the phone quite recently. Based on reports, the update did improve autofocus quite a bit, as it seems to be faster now. The devices don't seem to lose focus that easily either.

Exynos Galaxy S20 series gets update that fixes slow autofocus

That very same update is now available for the Exynos Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra variants, so it brings autofocus improvements to more devices.


Do note that those three devices are fueled by the Exynos 990 in Europe and India. The update doesn't seem to be arriving OTA (over-the-air), though, but it can be downloaded and installed via Smart Switch.

Do note that we're talking about the G98xxXXU1ATCH version here. This update will push your camera app to version, and that goes for all three phones.

The Snapdragon 865 variants of the Galaxy S20 series still did not get this update. Considering that it has already arrived for the Exynos model, though, we have no doubt the Snapdragon models will get it soon as well.


Once again, the update is not rolling out OTA, but it will soon. If you're eager to get it, Smart Switch is a viable option to update. We do not have the whole changelog just yet, but the source claims this update fixes slow autofocus.

All three devices were announced last month

The Galaxy S20 series was announced last month. Samsung introduced three devices this time around, the same as last year. The company bumped up price tags, though, as the premium 'Ultra' model came to play.

All three phones are made out of metal and glass, though the 'Ultra' uses stainless steel, not aluminum like the other two phones.


The three devices look quite similar. They are different in terms of size, screen curvature, and camera module size. Other than that, though, they have the same look.

All three phones are packed with powerful specs, needless to say. The Galaxy S20 Ultra may be the most powerful and most expensive Galaxy S20 phone, but they're all flagship-grade devices.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra arguably has the most powerful camera setup, with a 108-megapixel sensor as its main camera sensor. The other two phones have proven to be just as good, if not better, though.